When Cold and Flu Season Arrives

These two recipes are prepared as teas but are not taken in your teacup - they help with the discomfort of flu season in other ways. Winter Inhalation This traditional herbal steam helps open your sinuses, discourages bacterial and viral growth, and reduces pain and inflammation. Remember to stay a comfortable distance from the steaming … Continue reading When Cold and Flu Season Arrives

A Herbalist’s Guide to a Healthy Fall and Winter

Ready or not, fall is here and winter is fast approaching.  Daylight is beginning to dwindle in the northern hemisphere and there is an accompanying nip in the air.  Hopefully, you’ve had the opportunity to burn brightly alongside the carefree summer sun for the past few months and are ready to begin slowing down. Making … Continue reading A Herbalist’s Guide to a Healthy Fall and Winter

Root Coffee.

1 cup dried chopped dandelion root 2/3 cup dried chopped burdock root 1/2 cup dried chopped chicory root 2 tbsp ground star anise 1 tbsp ground dried ginseng root 2 inch piece cinnamon stick, crushed 1/4 cup dried chopped licorice root or powdered carob In a large bowl, combine all ingredients and mix well. Store … Continue reading Root Coffee.