Gibbous Moon ~ Libra Full Moon ~ Full Moon Medicine

Yesterday we moved into the energies of the Gibbous Moon. This is a beautiful time to stay aware of any negative thoughts or energy coming forward that can deter us from coming into the fullness of our ideas or intentions, and releasing them into our lives. Grandmother Moon is resting in the sign of Virgo until … Continue reading Gibbous Moon ~ Libra Full Moon ~ Full Moon Medicine

Full Moon Magical Virgo

Today, March 1st, we have the first of two full moons in March ~ another magical month. She reaches her fullness in Virgo tomorrow at 4:51 pm PST (7:51 pm EST`).  Native Americans called this Moon the Worm Moon as this is the time of the year when the earth begins to soften and the earthworms begin … Continue reading Full Moon Magical Virgo