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Astrologers interpret the energy of natal Mercury as the way in which we use our mind. The ways in which we apply our five physical senses to attain information from the world around us. We make sense out of that information based upon that data that was collected and stored in the brain. Just as Mercury, the deity, carries messages

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Mercury’s in Retrograde

This week kicks off with Mercury moving in retrograde motion—backwards—through the tropical sign of Aries. As the messenger deity of the astrological pantheon, Mercury tries to convey the human experience through words and concepts. Mercury also correlates to communications networks of all kinds, creating connections between different beings throughout all realms. When Mercury appears to move backward in the sky,

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Mercury Retrograde and How to Survive It

That time of the year is upon us again, which means the planet of communication—Mercury is in Retrograde until the 3rd of May. During this Retrograde period, communication goes awry— messages are not delivered, electronics malfunction, travel plans fall through and sometimes the bonds of relationships are tested. It is also possible to begin to feel the effects of Mercury

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