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Herbs of the Moon

The vibrational impact of the Moon not only affects the tides within our ocean, it also greatly affects the tides of our blood, our subconscious, our emotions, and intuition. The plants associated to the Moon act principally on all the major fluids of the body (water and blood), stomach and overall gut. The primary action of fluids within the body is

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2018 Full Wolf Moon: Create Your own Moon Circle Gathering — Spirit de la Lune

Welcome to 2018 and Happy Full Super Wolf Moon! The Wolf Moon is a time to celebrate with your tribe, so we thought we would show you how to create your own moon circle and celebrate with all your sistars to bring in the new year with lots of love, connection, and joy! Below we will show you the ste

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Moonwort Fern

Moonwort Fern Care: Tips For Growing Moonwort Ferns Growing moonwort ferns add an interesting and unusual element to the sunny garden spot. If you’re not familiar with this plant, you might wonder “what is moonwort?” Growing moonwort ferns are not commonly found in domestic gardens, as they are difficult to locate in nurseries and garden centers. Even in the wild,

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Moon Names

A List of Full Moon Names that Include: Native American, Chinese, New Guinean Colonial American, English Medieval and Neo-Pagan.  Colonial American January: Winter Moon July: Summer Moon February: Trapper’s Moon August: Dog Day’s Moon March: Fish Moon September: Harvest Moon April: Planter’s Moon October: Hunter’s Moon May: Milk Moon November: Beaver Moon June: Rose Moon December: Christmas Moon Chinese January:

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