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The Wonders of Mugwort {Artemisia vulgaris}

Also, Known As: Cingulum Sancti Johannis Mugwort St. John’s Plant The mugwort is a shrubby perennial, with dark green deeply indented leaves and with several clusters of small reddish or yellow flower heads. The herb can grow up to three ft, or one m in height. This amazing shrub has been known since the ancient times, and reportedly, Roman centurions

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The single most important and versatile plant used for magick and for stimulating psychic skills is mugwort. Consider her the plant kingdom’s magickal ambassador. Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris, also known as the Mother Herb, holds the key to the realm of dreams and clairvoyance. If you think you don’t dream, if you’re not sure you possess a psychic bone, mugwort will show

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Mugwort: Magical Herb of the Moon Goddess.

Each spring, I like to visit a gardener friend of mine whose neatly tended beds are her pride and joy. She’s rather traditional, preferring a very structured, mannered approach–while I tend to be more of a wild child, but anyone who loves green, growing things is a kindred spirit. We’ve spent many a pleasant afternoon together amid the flora. As

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