The Eclectic Herbalists

Popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the "Eclectics" practiced herbal medicine in a time when standard Western practices often included barbaric approaches like blood-letting. Looking at plants and Native American medicine for inspiration, Eclectic physicians approached healing with the perspective of "whatever works" - so long as it did no harm. We … Continue reading The Eclectic Herbalists

Indefinitely Wild Series: White Sage {Salvia apiana}

Also, Known As: Bee Sage Sacred Sage White Ceremonial Sage White Sage Salvia apiana or white sage is a perennially growing evergreen shrub that is indigenous to the southwestern regions of the United States and the adjoining north-western areas of Mexico. This herb is mostly found growing in the wild in the scrub habitat in … Continue reading Indefinitely Wild Series: White Sage {Salvia apiana}

Herbal Tincture: Echinacea; A True ‘Elder’ Herb…

Just as you can make a tea and extract your herb's medicinal constituents with hot water, you can do the same with a cool liquid - alcohol. You can grind and soak your fresh or dried herbs in an alcoholic liquid or solvent {such as Vodka}, then strain out the herbs. The resulting liquid is … Continue reading Herbal Tincture: Echinacea; A True ‘Elder’ Herb…

Medicinal Herb: Desert Lavender

Hyptis emoryi FLOWERS Violet up to 1 inch wide and in clusters. DESCRIPTION Medium to tall, cold tender, perennial shrub, found in the southwestern United States of Arizona, Nevada, California, and northwestern Mexico in Sonora and Baja California. HABITAT Dry washes, and on rocky slopes, up to 3000 feet in elevation. It is evergreen or … Continue reading Medicinal Herb: Desert Lavender

Animal Totem: Spirit of Coyote

SPIRIT OF COYOTE Role: Trickster Lesson: Trust & Seeing through Illusion Element: Fire/Air Wind: South Recalling the Child Within Medicine: Shapeshifting  Wisdom & Folly. Guile & Innocence. Stealth. Ability to Laugh at one's Self. Hidden Lessons. Intelligence. Childlike Trust. Song of Life. Trickster. Shapeshifting. Teaching the Importance of Fun & Play. A cry fills the night … Continue reading Animal Totem: Spirit of Coyote

Trillium in Healing

Trillium is also called Birthroot. What a suitable plant to be drawn to when working in the childbearing field. It is used in certain circumstances in the process of labor and birth by midwives, and for menstrual issues in non-childbearing women. In Native American herbalism, Trillium root was considered to be a sacred female herb … Continue reading Trillium in Healing