Ostara Mini Wildflower Bouquets (Spring Equinox Craft) – Moody Moons

Keep it simple, natural and beautiful this Ostara with these pixie-like mini wildflower bouquets. In this article, you’ll learn how … More Source: Ostara Mini Wildflower Bouquets (Spring Equinox Craft) - Moody Moons

Ice Ritual for Ostara

The Sabbat of Ostara

The Sabbat of Ostara is upon us. March 20th marks the Spring Equinox and with it, the awakening of the Earth. There are many ways to take part in this special day. You can cleanse your home to make way for new beginnings, you can decorate your home in the colors of the season, naturally, … Continue reading The Sabbat of Ostara

Natural Egg Dye.

Use vegetables and spices to create egg dyes that are natural and beautiful. An Ostara without dyed eggs wouldn't be much fun at all. And why waste money on artificial egg dye, especially when you've already grown your own natural grass and made a basket from recycled containers? Natural egg dye is easy to make … Continue reading Natural Egg Dye.


Also, known as Spring Equinox, Ostara, Alban Eiler, Esther, Eostre, Ostarun, Eastre, Eoastrae, Oestre The first true day of Springtide. The days and nights are now equal in length as the Young God continues to mature and grow. We begin to see shoots of new growth and swelling buds on the trees. Energy is building as … Continue reading Ostara