Primrose; The Flower of February

COMMON NAME:  primrose GENUS:  Primula SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: P. denticulata-lavender, purple, or white flowers; grows to 12 inches. P. japonica 'Millar Crimson'-flowers whorled around 24-inch stem; blooms May-June. P. polyanthus-best known; colors are red, pink, blue, gold, and white, all with small yellow eyes. FAMILY:  Primulaceae BLOOMS:  spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  Primroses form an attractive … Continue reading Primrose; The Flower of February

Winter Jasmine Lore

Common Name: Winter Jasmine Genus: Jasminum Species, Hybrids, Cultivators: J. nudiflorum. J.polyanthuvigorous vine; grown indoors; sprays of white blossoms. J. mesnyi-primrose jasmine; evergreen vine with long, arching branches; lemon yellow flowers, February-April. J. officinale-poet's jasmine; small, white fragrant flowers in summer; not suitable for extremely cold climates; glossy, semi-evergreen leaves Family: OLEACEAE Blooms: Winter Type: … Continue reading Winter Jasmine Lore

The Story of Anemone

COMMON NAME: anemone GENUS: Anemone SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: A. hybrida 'Queen Charlotte'- deep pink; 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall. A.h. 'Honorine Jobert'- white. A.h. 'September Charm'- pink. A. coronaria 'Flore Pleno'- double scarlet flowers. Family: Ranunculaceae BLOOMS: Fall TYPE: perennial DESCRIPTION: Flowers come in single or double forms and in shades of pink, red, and white, … Continue reading The Story of Anemone

Butterfly Weed ~ Asclepias tuberosa

With all the ”buzz” about bees and butterflies, why not celebrate an excellent plant known for its ability to support insects and birds and serve as the primary caterpillar food for a beloved North American native butterfly? The Perennial Plant Association is proud to announce Asclepias tuberosa as its 2017 Perennial Plant of the Year™. Hardiness USDA … Continue reading Butterfly Weed ~ Asclepias tuberosa

Lily of the Valley

COMMON NAME:  lily of the valley GENUS:  Convallaria SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: C. mabalis fortunei 'Giant Bells'-up to fifteen large bells; grows 8 to 10 inches tall; suitable for forcing; will bloom approximately three weeks after being planted. FAMILY:  Liliaceae BLOOMS:  spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  Flower stalks are arching and hold ten to fifteen fragrant, white, bell-shaped … Continue reading Lily of the Valley


COMMON NAME:  vinca GENUS:  Vinca SPECIES:  V. major, V. minor; both perennial FAMILY:  Apocynaceae BLOOMS:  spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  Perennial vinca is a fast-spreading vine with blue flowers. V. major is a more vigorous grower and has larger leaves and flowers. The annual bedding plant vinca {actually Catharanthus roseus} has attractive five-petaled white and pink-to-red flowers … Continue reading Vinca


COMMON NAME:  tulip GENUS:  Tulipa SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: The most commonly used hybrid tulips are Darwin, Darwin hybrid, cottage, breeder, multi-flowered, and lily flowered. Popular species tulips include T. kaufmanniana, T. fosteriana, T. praeslaus, T. greigil, T. kolpakowskiana, and T. pulchella. FAMILY:  Liliaceae BLOOMS:  late spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  Though there is tremendous variation in … Continue reading Tulip