Homemade Herb Pickling Mix.

Great to have on hand and saves time! The herbes de Provence add a unique flavor that's not typically found in supermarket pickling mix blends. To use the pickling mix: Put one to two tablespoons in the pickling jar, then add the veggies and the vinegar/salt mixture, following the directions in the recipe. It's that … Continue reading Homemade Herb Pickling Mix.

Pickled, Preserved and Frozen Foods.

More and more folks are growing their own fruits and vegetables. Summer and Fall presents us with an riches as an avalanche of tomatoes, peppers, cukes, corn, peaches, plums, and other fresh produce flood farmer's markets, fruit stands, roadside stalls, and even supermarket shelves. The flavor of this sun-ripened produce is at its peak, and … Continue reading Pickled, Preserved and Frozen Foods.