The Practice of Aromatic Alchemy

When we approach an essential oil with concentration and mindfulness it begins to reveal hidden dimensions of beauty, power, and intelligence that are not ordinarily noticed. As we integrate these new perceptions into a greater awareness of our own physiological reactions to the plant’s essence, we begin to understand how we are deeply connected to … Continue reading The Practice of Aromatic Alchemy

Introducing Evoke by Plant Therapy

Evoke by Plant Therapy is our new line of natural fragrance products, characterized by their complex, emotive scents, derived from the natural aromatic components of essential oils.  Fragrance has the power to transport you because scents can tap into the part of the brain responsible for mood, emotion, and memory. Introducing Plant Therapy's Evoke: The … Continue reading Introducing Evoke by Plant Therapy


Virtually all essential oils have some antimicrobial properties, but winter is the season of the virus—which is particularly difficult to combat. While there is no research to show that EOs can stop the flu in its tracks, there are several wonderful things essential oils CAN do to help us during the cold and flu season! Citrus oils are … Continue reading HERBAL HOLIDAY TIP: STAY WELL WITH WINTER EOS