Fall Foods & Spices ~ Pumpkin

Those delightful fruits and spices we enjoy in autumn provide more than just a flavorful kick. Centuries -old use and modern research prove that fall staples like cranberries, pumpkins, and cinnamon pack powerful medicine inside. Our autumn foods and seasonal spices are delicious, time - honored traditions that begin to ring in the holiday season … Continue reading Fall Foods & Spices ~ Pumpkin

9 Diabetes Superfoods and How to Prepare Them

Diabetes is a disease causes elevated blood sugar levels due to a lack of insulin, the body's inability to use insulin, or both. Poorly managed diabetes can cause damage to blood vessels and nerve cells, which may lead to foot problems and a condition called neuropathy. High blood sugar levels can also cause damage to … Continue reading 9 Diabetes Superfoods and How to Prepare Them