The Energies of June

Dear Friends, I do hope you will be able to take a little time out to enjoy the abundant beauty that nature so generously provides for us each year during the month of June. Our garden is resplendent with so many early summer flowers and in particular a wonderful array of roses of all colors … Continue reading The Energies of June

Kitchen Cabinet Remedies: Rose Hip Syrup

So here is my first attempt at making syrup.  It turned out amazing.  I am tempted to go out and gather more! I went to my favorite spot to harvest a few rose hips. I was there walking with my daughter and the rose hips just beckoned to be admired.  Voluptuous and cheery, the sun … Continue reading Kitchen Cabinet Remedies: Rose Hip Syrup

History Of The Rose

Perhaps there is no other flower that has been loved by people so much or has been as popular as the rose throughout history. In fact, roses have been in existence much before humans, who later grew their beautiful flowers, drew wonderful pictures of the flowers and even commemorated them in their lore and music. … Continue reading History Of The Rose

Vertical Gardening.

Take advantage of garden space by using the third dimension to grow vegetables and vining fruit. When garden space is limited, you can still grow space-hungry plants. Growing your vegetables and vining fruits on an arbor or vertical trellis is the most efficient way to add space in a less-than-spacious garden. Growing vertically improves air circulation, which helps … Continue reading Vertical Gardening.

Moss Roses.

The first Moss rose apparently emerged as a sport from a Centifolia prior to the mid-eighteenth century. In the early nineteenth century, a few single-flowered forms appeared in their ranks, enabling a few hybridists to cross them with hybrids from other groups in an attempt to prolong their flowering period, but this was soon discontinued. … Continue reading Moss Roses.

Hybrid Tea Roses.

To most rose lovers the hybrid tea represents the culmination of the quest for ideal form and coloring in a rose, with a classic high-centered form and colors that range from rich reds, yellows, and oranges to delicate whites, pinks, and lavenders, with exotic blends of all shades in between. To show off their large … Continue reading Hybrid Tea Roses.

Grandiflora Roses.

Created in 1954 with the introduction of the rose 'Queen Elizabeth', the Grandiflora class represents the first true melding of hybrid tea and floribunda characteristics. From its hybrid tea parent the Grandiflora inherits flower form and long cutting stems; from the floribunda side comes increased hardiness and prolific, clustered blooms. Most Grandiflora roses, although not … Continue reading Grandiflora Roses.

Enjoying Roses.

Roses as Cut Flowers Roses essentially bring enjoyment to the grower as well as all those to see their majestic blooms. Several gardeners prefer enjoying the roses grown by them twice - first when the flowers are in bloom in the garden and secondly, by using them as cut flowers to decorate their homes. In … Continue reading Enjoying Roses.

Gallery Of Roses.

Old Garden Roses By definition, an old garden rose is one belonging to any class that existed before 1867, the year the first hybrid tea was introduced. Even if the rose was hybridized or discovered after 1867, it is considered "old" if it belongs to one of these classes. It is more than nostalgia or … Continue reading Gallery Of Roses.

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘A’

'Abraham Darby' Roses (Shrub, Introduced - 1985)One parent of 'Abraham Darby' is the climbing hybrid tea 'Aloha', so although this rose may be maintained as a large shrub, with a little training it will also perform well as a climber. Its large, double, cupped, apricot-pink flowers suffused with yellow will cover a trellis or wall and … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘A’