A Midsummer Herb: Saint John’s Wort

COMMON NAME: Saint John's Wort GENUS: Hypericum SPECIES: H. calycinum, H. bookerianum, H. patulum FAMILY: Hypericaceae BLOOMS: summer TYPE: perennial DESCRIPTION: Saint John's wort is a low-growing, partly woody perennial that produces bright yellow flowers from early summer until frost. The flowers, which measure 1 1/2 to 2 inches across, occur in groups of five … Continue reading A Midsummer Herb: Saint John’s Wort

Medicinal and Herbal Wildflowers

From the beginning of human history, man has considered plants “useful.” Of course, the most obvious use is as a food source, but in all cultures, plants have also figured prominently as medicines. From prehistoric rites to modern medicine, plants have been shown to possess curative properties. Over the centuries, various cultures have studied plants … Continue reading Medicinal and Herbal Wildflowers