Salmon: Birth Totem July 22 – August 21

Birth Totem Salmon Birth dates: July 22 - August 21 Birth Totem is: Salmon Clan of: Thunderbird / Hawk (Fire Chief) Wind is: South Directional Totem is: Coyote Conscious intent is: To Create Motive of Higher Self is: Gain Insight Plant/Flower: Raspberry Mineral: Carnelian Keywords: Creative. Passionate. Courageous. Loyal. Prideful Birth Totem Salmon is an individual whose outer … Continue reading Salmon: Birth Totem July 22 – August 21

Fir Sugar

After rinsing and drying the plucked needles, combine a quarter cup of needles with one cup of sugar and process in a spice grinder until very smooth and bright green. (Wash the grinder with hot water immediately after use or its blades will remain gummed up with resin.) After grinding, transfer the highly aromatic fir sugar concentrate to a … Continue reading Fir Sugar