COMMON NAME:  Crocus GENUS:  Crocus Species, Hybrids, Cultivars: Blue; C. biflorus, C. imperati, C. siebert, C. tomasinianus, C. versicolor; yellow: C. aureus, C. chrysanthus, C. korolkowii, C. sulphureus concolor, C. susianus; white: C. fleischeri, C. laevigatus, C. speciosus {fall}. Dutch crocus cultivars-blue: Enchantress, Pickwick, Queen of the Blues, Remembrance, Striped Beauty; white: Jeanne d'Arc, Peter … Continue reading Crocus

Forest In Spring

"The fair maid who, the first of May, Goes to the fields at break of day, And washes in dew from the hawthorn tree, Will ever after handsome be." The gnomes no longer hide in the cleft of half-rotten trees. Not this season, this time, they snort behind fallen limbs hung in spring-green mosses, and … Continue reading Forest In Spring

Spring Buckwheat Salad.

I saw this salad in Bob’s Red Mill and just could not help myself. Not only healthy, eye-appealing, the salad has that “light” aspect going for it rather than heavy food’s not suitable for either a spring/summer salad. “Hello Bob’s Red Mill readers and eaters!” We are delighted to join you today to share with … Continue reading Spring Buckwheat Salad.