Sometimes you need help dealing with all the stress in your life! Let’s address your stress, and find ways to increase your energy. WHY DO I FEEL BOTH TIRED AND WIRED? Being tired, and yet “wired”, can feel like a never-ending cycle. You need coffee to get going in the morning, yet you can’t relax … Continue reading ARE YOU OVERSTRESSED?

Gemstones Are Naturally Healing and Energizing

Did you know that gemstones have the ability when used properly to energize your body, heal cuts, bruises, surgery, breaks, etc? Crystals have been used by Eastern Cultures, Native Americans, and many other cultures for thousands of years. Some of these uses are as follows: • Have quartz crystals set around your home to help … Continue reading Gemstones Are Naturally Healing and Energizing

Medicinal Motherwort

My first experience with motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) was enough to make me a life-long believer of this plant’s supportive actions. I was going through a particularly stressful period of time. I mentioned my symptoms to a herbalist friend, who suggested I try motherwort. The following day, I did just that. I diluted 2 dropper fulls … Continue reading Medicinal Motherwort

Is Your Child Stressed? Get Them A Dog

We tend to associate stress with adult responsibilities, such as work deadlines or raising a family. However, children can feel stressed too, and long-term stress can have negative effects on their health just as it does on that of adults. New research investigates the effect of having a pet on how children experience stress. New … Continue reading Is Your Child Stressed? Get Them A Dog

Recommendations for Stress Management

We all have stress and stressors in our life. Although stress has a negative connotation, it’s actually not inherently bad. Stress challenges you. It makes you tougher and more resilient to adversity. It helps you grow stronger and, hopefully, provides an opportunity to learn. This is true of both psychological (mental) stress and physiological (physical) … Continue reading Recommendations for Stress Management

Allies In A Stressed Filled World

Life sometimes seems to throw a lot at us. From an unexpected illness to political uncertainty, tension and anxiety can accumulate quickly. And whether temporary or ongoing, too many stressors can eventually send us into a tailspin. When we feel overwhelmed, our minds race and soon we begin to feel the physical manifestations of stress … Continue reading Allies In A Stressed Filled World

How Survivor Advocates Can Avoid Burnout

Secondary traumatic stress can affect those who help for a living There are few things more rewarding than being able to provide the type of support and assistance to change, and maybe even save someone’s life. It’s easy to become invested in your clients’ safety, success, and well-being; often their joys and victories become yours. … Continue reading How Survivor Advocates Can Avoid Burnout

Children With Pets Have Less Stress

A pet dog may protect your child from childhood anxiety, according to research published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dogs follow human communication cues. Childhood mental illness and obesity are significant public health concerns in the US. Since they start in childhood, preventive and early intervention approaches are needed. Pet dogs have … Continue reading Children With Pets Have Less Stress

Stress In Domestic Cats: New Review Discusses Causes And Management

Pet cats can suffer from stress triggered by a variety of events and situations, including conflicts with other cats and changes to routine. While cats can adapt, sometimes the stress can be too much, with negative effects on their health. When stressed, cats may stop exploring and hide away for long periods of time. Image … Continue reading Stress In Domestic Cats: New Review Discusses Causes And Management

Tips for Stressful Times.

It is almost impossible not to feel some form of stress in today’s climate of change. On a daily basis, we are bombarded with news of tough times and projections of things to come even worse, which causes our blood vessels to constrict a bit more. Many analysts are comparing today’s times to the Great … Continue reading Tips for Stressful Times.