Aeoniums: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties

These rosette succulents from the Canary Islands are popular garden plants in arid climates, providing color accents (especially red, purple, and yellow) that vary with the passage of the seasons. Aeoniums make excellent container plants in less forgiving climates, though they require a lot of light indoors. Most of the plants in cultivation are hybrids … Continue reading Aeoniums: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties

DIY: Mini Crystal Succulent Garden

Crystals and succulents have become some of my latest obsessions. Both are naturally beautiful and when put together make for a breathtaking combination. This has sparked my latest project- making my own mini crystal + succulent garden. Source: DIY: Mini Crystal Succulent Garden Here is a lovely tutorial for creating a crystal succulent planter that … Continue reading DIY: Mini Crystal Succulent Garden