The God In The Wild Wood

Cernnunos Sleeps The Old God sleeps down in the dark, moist, odorous underfoot, Waiting for us To put down our roots. The God In The Wild Wood At the Sacred Centre, in the Grove of all Worlds, He sits with legs crossed beneath an ancient Oak. Entranced, connecting the three worlds Earth, Sea, and Sky, and … Continue reading The God In The Wild Wood

Aromatherapy Oils for Summer

Dinners at dusk, afternoon barbecues, and sleeping under the stars happen to be as inviting to bugs and mosquitoes as they are to vacationers. Fear not: There are lots of oils that will keep you bite-free—and plenty that will prevent you from smelling like an exterminator. My power players for summer are ones that are … Continue reading Aromatherapy Oils for Summer

June, The Beginnings Of Summer

Yes, we all know of the Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, and the myriad of other names. It is also the start of Summer. Summer Solstice falls at the precise moment when the Sun's power is at its zenith. It is the time of year when the noon sun appears to be farthest north from the … Continue reading June, The Beginnings Of Summer

Summer DIY ~ Eating With Herbs

We are headed full steam ahead into summer, the time of bounty! Our local farmers markets and grocery stores are filling out with fresh, seasonal produce—and if we’re lucky to have gardens they are, too. When fresh fruits and veggies abound, it’s easy to include lots of them into our diets and lifestyles—making the warmer … Continue reading Summer DIY ~ Eating With Herbs

Crystals and Stones to Attract Summer Romance

Are you single and ready to mingle or attached and want to add some fire to your relationship? Using simple crystals and stones helps to revive the energy around you and invite great things into your life—even love and romance! Check out some of the best crystals and stones to attract summer romance and share … Continue reading Crystals and Stones to Attract Summer Romance

Cucumber Tomato Salad Recipe.

Total Time: 5-10 minutes Serves: 2 INGREDIENTS: 1 medium cucumber, diced 2 medium tomatoes, diced 1 small bunch of cilantro, chopped 1 tbsp vegenaise 1 small handful raisins (optional) DIRECTIONS: Mix all ingredients and serve cold.