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Pets Provide ‘Unique’ Support To People With Mental Illness

Our pets bring us joy and comfort, and they sometimes even help us when we are ill. But while the usefulness of a companion animal in the case of physical conditions has been accepted and well-documented by the medical community, there is less research available on the role of pets in mental illness. A new study aims to fill this

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Living With Pets Linked To Stronger Social Skills In Children With Autism

A new study suggests that not only having pet dogs in the home but also living with cats, rabbits and other animals as pets may help children with autism improve their social skills. New research suggests living with any kind of pet is linked to increased social skills in children with autism. Previous studies show that pets encourage social interaction,

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Pets Provide Key Social And Emotional Support

Pet owners appear to fare better than other people with regard to physical fitness, self-esteem, being conscientious, being more socially communicative, not worrying so much about things, and being less fearful in general, researchers revealed in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The authors added that pet owners did not bond to their animals at the expense of relationships

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