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Tarot Restless – A deck for the unafraid | A Deck Review — Tree Talker Art | Rachael Caringella

Happy Mercury-Is-Finally-The-F***-Out-of-Retrograde! This last one was killer wasn’t it? Lots of break downs and lessons for me over here. Plus, it seemed like it took forever to get just basic simple things done this last month. Hopefully things begin to go more smoothly as we get out of the shadow Source: Tarot Restless – A deck for the unafraid |

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How to Clear and Cleanse Your Tarot Deck

Have you ever wondered whether you should clear and cleanse your Tarot deck? Imagine you’ve just bought a new Tarot deck, or you’ve had a particularly challenging reading. It’s not a bad idea to clear and cleanse your Tarot deck and charge your Tarot cards with loads of good, pure energy! Tarot is all about energy, so if you want to get the best results from your Tarot

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Tarot Heritage: 600 Year Old Tradition

If you feel a special connection to tarot, you share a 600-year tradition with tarot lovers worldwide. Tarot’s history takes us from medieval Italian castles to French secret societies; with side-trips to visit English magicians, California hippies, and contemporary digital artists. Let’s explore the highlights of our shared tarot heritage. The story begins when playing cards migrated down the Silk

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