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The Magic Wand

In our neverending research about wands, we come across articles of interest that are fascinating and always thought to provoke a sense of wonderment. Explore the links provided. The use of the magic wand can be traced back to proto-Indo-European times, as shown by its appearance in both Zoroastrianism as well the early Hinduism. Zoroastrianism and the Magi The magi of

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Handmade Wands

The wandmakers fellowship is simply a gathering of websites where other wandmakers advertise and sell their wares. I have compiled the list over the years and evaluated the sites to some extent. However, their appearance here does not necessarily constitute a recommendation. ACME Wand Supply, Ltd. A truly exceptional crafter of wands in wood, stone, crystal and silver. Breathtaking designs

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The Fundamental Ideas of Elvish Magic

MAGIC is a common theme in our popular fantasy culture. From Dungeons & Dragons to Harry Potter, the idea of spellcasting has risen again almost to a level of common knowledge. Yet for the practicing wizard or witch, the representations of magical craft by storytellers is problematic. Novelists tend to alternately oversimplify or exaggerate to make a story full of

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The Word “Alferic” and the Word “Druidic”

Alferian, are derived from the word “Alf,” which is the Anglo-Saxon word for Elf. Indeed, “Elf” is a variant of the original Alf. You will see it as an element in many early Anglo-Saxon names — e. g., Alfred, Aelfwine– where “alf” or “elf” carried the connotation “good.” Hence we get the euphemism “The Good People” for these denizens of

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Creatures of the world’s deepest forests and jungles, the unicorns are among the noblest and beautiful. They are guardians of the wood and glen, high-spirited and even aggressive in their mating battles. Their white fur and silver hooves and horns mark unicorns as highly spiritual beings linked to the light of the Moon. As such, they are both Earthy and

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