Griffin feathers are splendid magical cores, evocative of the strength, courage, and ferocity of the beast. Half lion and half eagle, the griffin's predatory skills combine those of the two greatest hunters. This yields a spirit ideally suited to all manner of hunting and questing, whether for sustenance or more intellectual pursuits. Although some griffins … Continue reading GRIFFIN (GRYPHON)


The hippocampus is half horse, half fish. It is not to be confused with the tiny "seahorse" known to mundane oceanography. the hippocampus of Greek myth was the mount of Poseidon, god of the Sea, known for their swiftness and power. The sea Merpeople breed these magnificent creatures and so their hair is quite easily … Continue reading HIPPOCAMPUS

Immortal Fire ~ Phoenix

Phoenix (or Ffenix) feathers have been highly treasured magical ingredients for centuries. Used in all manner of potions and magical amalgamations, the feathers possess the radiant immortal fire of the birds. Enchanted into a wand as a core, the feathers have a light which is brilliant scarlet-gold. Connected to the ancient kingdom of Phoenicia, the … Continue reading Immortal Fire ~ Phoenix

Dragon’s in Wand Making

ORIENTAL DRAGON (LUNG) The Oriental or Chinese dragon is a much more benevolent and curious creature having dealings with humans in many ways. Though wingless, the oriental dragons fly and are a species of Air dragons. The golden dragons are especially powerful and their scales highly prized for their strong solar energies. Golden dragon scales … Continue reading Dragon’s in Wand Making

Dryads, Trees & the Fifth Element

The dryad is the spirit of the tree, its essential pattern. It is a living being linked to the tree and growing with it, but at the same time, it is a trans-temporal and trans-spacial creature, living in the Astral dimension as much as in the mundane world. When a branch falls off a tree … Continue reading Dryads, Trees & the Fifth Element