Healing Herbal Teas.

Since the beginning, people have been using teas in the form of a hot beverage as well as a remedy. Available records suggest that people in China have been drinking tea since 4,700 years back. Although several features of the Chinese culture reached Japan roughly about 600 C.E. (Common Era, which is the same as A.D.), … Continue reading Healing Herbal Teas.


Here is some good news for people who may be prone to type II diabetes (also called diabetes mellitus). According to the findings of the latest evaluation, consuming plenty of tea or coffee, even if it is decaffeinated or free from caffeine, is likely to lower the risk of having type II diabetes. Actually, the new … Continue reading IS COFFEE, TEA GOOD FOR DIABETES?

Building Immunity.

The last decade alone has seen an influx of infectious diseases and virulent strains increasingly unaffected by conventional treatments. Overuse and abuse of antibiotic medicines and antibacterial products have turned the war on germs into a war on humankind as once-common bacteria and viruses mutate to new levels of resistance. According to an article in Science (August … Continue reading Building Immunity.

Heal Migraines With Natural Remedies.

People practicing natural remedies firmly believe in one principle - one disease, one cause. This means that our body will cure itself provided it is cleansed of all toxins and supplied with the correct nutrients. While they believe that every disease has its origin in the cells, health restoration begins from the gut. As far … Continue reading Heal Migraines With Natural Remedies.

Attentive and Calm: Herbs, Food and Lifestyle Therapies for Creating Mental Clarity.

For many contemporary humans, work and play center on electronic devices and continual communication. With conversations that come in abbreviated snippets, fast-paced scrolling of images, and memes; continual multi-tasking has become the norm. We are energetically in three places at once. No wonder many of us aren’t fully here and feel challenged staying on task. … Continue reading Attentive and Calm: Herbs, Food and Lifestyle Therapies for Creating Mental Clarity.

High Antioxidant Diet Decreases Risk Of Heart Attack In Women.

A diet rich in total antioxidants, especially from fruits and vegetables, can greatly reduce the risk of heart attack in women, according to a new study in The American Journal of Medicine. This particular study was the first to focus on the effects of all dietary antioxidants and their connection to heart attacks. Total antioxidant … Continue reading High Antioxidant Diet Decreases Risk Of Heart Attack In Women.

Women’s heart health: is it being ignored?

Women visiting their doctor are less likely to be advised regarding heart health and more likely to be told to lose weight, according to a recent study that will be presented at the upcoming American College of Cardiology's 65th Annual Scientific Session. Although heart disease tends to strike women 7-10 years later than men, it … Continue reading Women’s heart health: is it being ignored?

Menstrual Problems.

A normal menstrual cycle does not exist and cycles differ from one woman to the next. From puberty, every young woman will start on her moon time in a unique way, peculiar to her and she will then continuously experiences it each month very personally till menopause hits and menstruation ends. In addition, the character … Continue reading Menstrual Problems.

Menstrual Disorders.

Sudden hormonal changes can induce three distinct and common types of menstrual disorders in women; the first being known as the “cramps”-medical name dysmenorrhea, the second disorder is characterized by unusually heavy bleeding and by the prolonged nature of the periods-medical name menorrhagia, the third disorder is characterized by the presence of irregularly occurring or … Continue reading Menstrual Disorders.

Irregular Or Delayed Menstruation.

When adolescents mature to attain womanhood, it may take many months, sometimes even years, for their hormones to regularize as well as develop an undisturbed cadence or cycle. In fact, the hormones undergo the same kind of transformation when the reproductive years of a woman come to an end. When a woman enters the menopausal … Continue reading Irregular Or Delayed Menstruation.