Yule Pomanders: Crafting Holiday Magick | Gwyn

The December holidays have always been a favorite of mine.  The sights smell and the sounds of the season are delightful to me. One year when our children were small, and so was our budget, Car and I decided to make gifts and decorations with the kids for Christmas. After some research, Yule Pomanders were … Continue reading Yule Pomanders: Crafting Holiday Magick | Gwyn

Christmas-Solstice EO blend: bring the forest inside

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Christmas Tree EO Blend.png Oringinal image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

I love the scent of evergreens… perhaps this is why I walk so often in the nearby forests. In winter, I like to bring those scents indoors to freshen up the indoor air — especially if it’s just too cold to throw open the windows.

So, each year I make a Solstice/Christmas essential oil blend for diffusing and reminding me — on those days I can’t get outside or bring the outside indoors— of the beautiful and healing fragrance of the boreal forest. I normally add a touch of spicy oils that I associate with our Solstice celebrations, such as orange and cinnamon.

This year, I changed up the scent just a little… adding in a touch of Frankincense essential oil (one of my favourites), a reminder of the coming sacred time that some of us celebrate as Christmas or Yule, and others as…

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Seasonal Magic

‘Twas the dark before Solstice when all through the eaves rose the steam of pine honey, cinnamon and teas. The herb bundles were hung by the rafters with care each gathered with gratitude, deep reverence, and prayer. Every essence was siphoned, all snug in their jars ready to fly like reindeer to stockings near and … Continue reading Seasonal Magic

Give a Gift to Support Your Freedom to Practice as a Herbalist

Dear Green Friend, Did you know that even in this age of 'modern medical wonders’ it is still illegal to practice herbalism in most of the states in America?  We are one of the few countries in the world where it's illegal to practice one of the world’s oldest (and safest) healing arts. With the … Continue reading Give a Gift to Support Your Freedom to Practice as a Herbalist

Video: November Birthstones | Citrine & Topaz! – Reiki Gem Wellness

https://youtu.be/IknNCG9TumE   Learn about how your November birthstones of Citrine & Topaz affects your life, how you can benefit from it, & how it's significant for this time of year. Source: Video: November Birthstones | Citrine & Topaz! - Reiki Gem Wellness

The Science and Art of Herbalism | Rosemary Gladstar’s Online Herbal Course

Herbal greetings, my fellow plant lovers, Are you as delighted as I am to see Herbalism blossoming so beautifully and abundantly throughout the country?  Populations of people who have a long but often forgotten history of herbal use are rediscovering and reclaiming their ancient traditions.   There is at least one herb school, herb class or herb … Continue reading The Science and Art of Herbalism | Rosemary Gladstar’s Online Herbal Course

The Bee and the Machine: Moving Beyond Efficiency and towards Nature-Centeredness

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Animals have spirit!

Over the course of the last four centuries, the Western World has created a set of “unshakable” principles concerning the natural world: that nature is just another machine, that animals don’t feel and do not have souls, that plants and animals aren’t sentient. Descartes, writing in the 1600s during the early rise of mechanization, was one of the first to make this claim. He posited that animals are mechanical automata, that is, they are beings without souls, feelings, or pain. These same ideas were not limited to non-human life; we see the same kind of thinking being applied to justify slavery, genocide, colonialization, and a list of other atrocities. When we combine this kind of thinking with the economic ideas of “growth at all costs” and “efficiency”, we end up in the dystopian fiction we find ourselves living in right now. I want to take some time…

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Herbal Recipes for Thanksgiving – Urban Moonshine

It's the time of year when many of the simple joys of life become the heart and center of this season; spending time with family and friends, the coziness of winter, warm fires, mugs of mulled wine, and lovingly prepared meals. So much of herbalism is about celebrating the life and benefits of the plants, … Continue reading Herbal Recipes for Thanksgiving – Urban Moonshine

Natural Herbal Cough Remedies

When the temperatures drop to freezing, persistent coughing can be an inevitable, disruptive side effect. A variety of herbs and herb formulas that suppress the hacking and soothe the throat can help you get ahead of the cold - and cough - season this year. 'Tis the season! Cold, dry temperatures, low vitamin D levels, … Continue reading Natural Herbal Cough Remedies

Sacred Tree Profile: Black Locust’s Medicine, Magic, Mythology and Meanings

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Black locust in bloom

Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) is a spiny, scraggly tree that is found abundantly along the US East Coast. Very little is written about this tree from a magical or mythological perspective, although certainly, anyone who works wood or practices permaculture is aware of the more tangible benefits this tree provides. In today’s post, we explore this amazing tree and start building some more specific magical knowledge to incorporate this tree into local druidic or nature-spirituality practices.

My parents’ land in Western PA, land where I grew up, consisted primarily of old potato fields.  We had two sets of tree lines where the farmers had let the trees grow; these lines were full of huge cherry and maple trees grew.  In between those tree lines as the land sloped down the mountain were open areas populated with blackberry bushes, hawthorn, and black locusts–several acres of them…

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