Fox Fires – Animated Short Film

It hasn’t been all that long since mankind learned exactly what the stars are and where they come from. For hundreds of thousands of years, our ancestors looked up when the sunset and wondered how the evening sky came to be adorned with millions of twinkling lights. From their gazes, countless myths and stories sprung forth to explain the stars’

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Thornapple, Gender and Ritual Application | Coby Michael Ward

Cultivating the Devil’s Apple aka Thornapple I spent part of this afternoon harvesting my Thornapple plants.  One of them grew to be close to five feet high!  The Thornapple I grew this year is a Datura stramonium var. tatula; similar to the common Datura stramonium only it is less shrubby and has lavender-purple flowers.  I harvested leaves, seedpods, and stems.  I have a

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2019 Harvest Moon Mabon Ritual — Spirit de la Lune

The new season is almost upon us and soon the trees will shed their leaves and prepare for the darker half of the year. Mabon is the threshold for the darker half of the year. A balance of light and dark, the Autumn Equinox gives us a balance of day and night and is a beautiful reminder of balance and harmony

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The sun bathes our planet with heat and light. Indeed, seasonal temperatures vary depending upon how much solar radiation falls at a given latitude. Only at the moments of Equinox, twice each year does sunshine fall in balanced proportions on our Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Otherwise, the 23°26′ tilt of the earth’s axis to the orbital plane’s perpendicular favors one

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Moving Forward With Clarity; Full Moon in Pisces

Friday, September 13, 9:33 pm PST (Saturday, September 14, 12:33 pm EST) Tomorrow night we have a Full Moon in gentle, compassionate Pisces. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. She is a feminine, mutable, water sign ruled by the ethereal planet Neptune, and is the ruler of the feet. A Moon in Pisces reminds us to connect to

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