Watermelon Tourmaline: Rainbow Tourmaline

The watermelon tourmaline is a rare variety that displays three different colors in the same crystal – green (the skin of the watermelon), pink (the sweet fruit) and white (the rind). As in the gem stone ametrine, the colors of the watermelon tourmaline occur 100% naturally. This is a rare occurrence in nature.

Colors: multicolored bands of pink, green and purple

Uses: For inner peace, harmony, balancing and energizing body, mind and spirit, polarity work, and problem-solving. Watermelon tourmaline encourages regeneration of the nerves, helps with paralysis and multiple sclerosis.

Star Sign: Virgo
Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth
Chakra: Heart



Wear watermelon tourmaline to enhance discretion

Carry watermelon tourmaline to help you see the funny side of any situation

Place watermelon tourmaline around your home to encourage humor

Hold watermelon tourmaline to reduce nervousness

Meditate with watermelon tourmaline to connect with your higher self

Give watermelon tourmaline as a gift to promote love

Keep reversed watermelon tourmaline near you if you are thinking of traveling to help you set your plans in motion

Watermelon Tourmaline Specimens



Attract love.

Balance the male and female energies within yourself

Remove imbalances (and guilt) caused by conflicts and confusions.

The green part feeds your life force, while the pink soothes and harmonizes.

There are several varieties of tourmaline that occur in various colors: red (rubellite), blue (indicolite), yellow, brown, green, pink, black (schorl), watermelon (green, pink, white), colorless or partly colored. It can also be an inclusion in quartz (tourmaline quartz).

Following the Cycles of the Moon

Mother Moon. So radiant in the sky. Shining up the blackest night and heralding us into the dawn.

The Moon is one of the fastest moving celestial bodies in our solar system. It spends an average of 2.5 days in each sign of the zodiac and follows a 28-day cycle.

The cycles of the Moon are very similar to that of a female’s menstrual cycle, however, when in tune with their bodies, men will also feel the effects of Mother Moon as she radiates down in the night sky.

The tides of the ocean are also affected by the Moon, as is the salt water that arises within our own bodies.

It is in water that energy and emotions are stored, which is why on the night of the Full Moon we can feel our emotions stronger than most.

When the Moon is full, it often signifies completion or ending. Often we are able to fully express ourselves and know the direction forward from within our souls.

On the night of the New Moon, when the moon is dark and not yet visible, it is a time to go within. It is a time to plant the seeds that will flourish and bloom when the Moon is full again.

The New Moon is an opportunity for introspection and to go within. It is a time to delve inside yourself and to work out what you really wish to manifest for your life.

When you sync your energy up to the vibration of the Moon, not only will you feel more in tune with your emotions, but you will also be able to vibrate in harmony with your more intuitive side.

When the Moon is in one of the twelve constellations, it gives off a subtle change in energy and these energies can be used to help manifest and create the life of your dreams.

Making initiations, plans and setting goals for yourself when the Moon is in a favorable spot can be like tapping into your own secret source of magic.

The Moon is purely magical and when you learn to use her energies, you will be able to tap into the depths of your soul.

Here are the subtle vibrations that the Moon experiences as it travels through the 12 signs of the zodiac:


When the Moon is in Aries it is an excellent time to start things and launch projects. Things tend to happen quickly when the Moon is in Aries, so definitely use this to your advantage when pursuing your goals. Anger can also rise when the Moon is here, especially if your Sun is also in a fire sign, so be aware of your thoughts and emotions and try to not say anything you will regret. If you do need to assert yourself or put your foot down, the Moon in Aries will definitely help you to build all the courage you need.


Be mindful over what you initiate when the Moon is in Taurus because it is sure to last the distance. Starting a business or financial investing when the Moon is in Taurus can also be extremely favorable in terms of longevity and profits. Making changes can be difficult at this time, so instead of fighting against this, choose to go with the flow and wait until the Moon shifts signs. Sensory perception is also heightened when the Moon is in Taurus, especially the sensation of taste. This is the perfect time to schedule a night out at an exotic restaurant or indulge in your favorite treats.


It is time to go with the flow and be open to change when the Moon is in Gemini. Mental stimulation and finding shortcuts or solutions to more complex issues may also be easier when the Moon is in this sign. Fun times, social events and networking opportunities are also likely to be fun and lively when the Moon is in Gemini. Information may also be revealed when the Moon is in this placement, so definitely use this energy to source facts, learn new things or schedule interviews. Writers and those who work in communication may also have their best ideas and inspirations when the Moon is in Gemini.


It is an emotional time when the Moon is in Cancer. Emotions are more easily accessible and intuition may also feel strong on these nights. This makes it the perfect time to get in touch with yourself and your relationships with others. When the Moon is in Cancer it is the perfect time to establish a rapport with someone or develop a more intimate connection. There is also a strong desire to nurture and take care of others when the Moon is in this placement. It is also the perfect time to tend to domestic issues and matters within the home or family.


When the Moon is in Leo it is time to focus on your highest self, desires, dreams, and wishes. The ego self may also arise when the Moon is in this sign, so it is important to be conscious of any thoughts and feelings that are not aligned with your soul. It is also important to avoid over-indulging when the Moon is in Leo. This includes over-indulging on food, spending and also in your emotions. When the Moon is in Leo it is also the perfect time to conduct a presentation, schedule an audition or put on a performance or show.


When the Moon is in Virgo it is the perfect time to schedule health appointments, run errands and get organized. It is also the perfect time to get to work on complex tasks that require strong attention to detail. When the Moon is in Virgo it is also easy to become critical or overly judgemental towards others and yourself, so try to be mindful of this. If emotions run high when the Moon is in Virgo, it is best to try and rationalize things or to make pro’s and con’s list. The mind is strong when the Moon is in Virgo, however, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ignore the stirrings of the heart either, as the Moon is also sensitive and touchy in this placement.


When the Moon enters the sign of Libra, it is the perfect time to compromise or focus on creating balanced partnerships. It is also a very good time to resolve conflicts and make amends with those you love. If you are seeking to compromise or make a deal with someone, doing so when the Moon is in Libra will ensure fairness and balance for all parties involved. Because it is easier to see other people’s points of view when the Moon is in Libra, it can be difficult to make decisions or strong commitments to things. On these nights, social gatherings are also likely to be harmonious.


It is the perfect time to hone in on your psychic abilities and strengthen your connection with all things spiritual when the Moon is in Scorpio. It is also a time to go within and really reflect on the deeper, darker parts of your soul. It is common to feel like being alone or to keep secrets when the Moon is in this placement, in order to assess and reflect in your own energy. Emotions can also feel very intense or even amplified when the Moon is in Scorpio, so try not to get too overwhelmed. Sexual desires may also feel heightened on these nights.


Adventure and travel are strong when the Moon is in Sagittarius. Use this time to learn, explore and allow your imagination to be free. This is the perfect time to expand on ideas, grow things and create things. In fact, when the Moon is in this sign, expansion, and growth are favored in all areas. When the Moon is in Sagittarius it is also the perfect time to start studying philosophy or explore metaphysical pursuits. There is an optimism in the air when the Moon enters this sign, so definitely use this energy to your advantage.


When the Moon is in Capricorn it is the perfect time to bring structure and order to your life. The Moon in Capricorn also favors taking on new responsibilities, so it is often the perfect time to take on a new job or make strong commitments in your life. It is also a highly favorable time for moving up the corporate ladder or starting your own business. This is a very ambitious placement, so definitely don’t be afraid to dream big and go after what it is that you truly desire. Emotions may feel reserved on these nights and there may be a tendency to clear out any emotions that are weighing you down or no longer serving your highest path.


It is time to break down the rules, boundaries, and restrictions that are holding you back and release all fears. When the Moon is in Aquarius it is the perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone and go after your dreams and wishes. It is also the perfect time to launch a tech related business or a business that may be untraditional in some way. People tend to feel rebellious when the Moon is in this sign, so be mindful of this energy. There is also a strong desire to stand up for freedom and human/animal rights when the Moon is in Aquarius.


When the Moon is in Pisces, gentleness, and calmness is needed by the soul. This is the perfect time to engage in artistic or creative activities and to turn off the chatter in your mind. The heart speaks strongly when the Moon is in Pisces, so definitely don’t ignore any intuitive inklings during this time. Emotions can feel tender and delicate on these nights, however, expansion of consciousness and spiritual ideas are also strong. Avoid feeling sorry for yourself during this time and use this energy to really tap into your passions.

The Moon ultimately governs our emotions and what we need to feel safe and comfortable in the world and using signs of the zodiac can help point us in the right direction.

Using the energy of the Moon is a great way to enhance and bring more understanding to your life. While you don’t have to coordinate every activity in your life in accordance to the Moon, sometimes it may help to understand what energies you are dealing with at different times.

Note: When the Moon is traveling between signs it is referred to as being ‘Void of Course’, during this time it is best to refrain from making big decisions or making huge life changes as the energy of the Moon is not at its fullest.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse


This is the big one we have all been talking about. Some of you are determined to be in a place where you can see and witness the totality and many of you will simply be in its energy or see a partial view. It really does not matter energetically, only psychologically.

But with that said, this is definitely a time to honor a marker of huge change and the agent of a massive reset. Even if you have been working with these energies now for the past weeks, it is always good to honor the exact time frame around this event.

What can you do?

Be aware, though a list or a mental awareness, of what you are resetting. Do something that symbolizes coming into a still point, an unplugging, a dropping into the void. (if you have the monthly Mp3 you can use the exercise on it)

Acknowledge the absence of the sun and solar energy as it is eclipsed from the earth for those few moments as symbolizing the absence of what has been feeding old patterns and beliefs for you these past years and maybe your whole lifetime.

As the eclipse recedes and the sun comes back, imagine that it is feeding and nourishing and energizing a new you, one that has been reset to a new vibration, a new consciousness, a new frequency.

Blessings, Lena

Astrological Notes:

Leo New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse
Sun and Moon in Leo ~ 29º

Monday, August 21, 2017, 12:30 PM Mountain Time
(August 21, 2017, 6:30 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

I loved hearing the President of the United States say we needed to open our hearts and love each other in his speech today.  No truer words could be spoken at this time.  Let’s make the most of this alignment of the Sun, Moon and precious Earth.  Leo, the Lion, the King, rules the New Moon cycle so powerfully aligned with a Total Solar Eclipse.   Leo is your power, your purpose, and your joy in creating your life from your essence, your heart.  The Sun at the center of our solar system is our source of life and rules only one sign ~ Leo.

The eclipse is highlighting some area of your chart, and in that ‘house’ you are feeling the pull and pressure to reset a part of your life.  A profound release is being experienced by many.  We are such creatures of habit and we don’t surrender the familiar easily.  Others find themselves birthing the children of their creativity or realizing how they create their own lives. Although Leo is our most regal, authoritative, kingly/queenly part of our self, it also rules the fifth house of the zodiac, the house of children and hence our playful, creating, pleasure-loving selves, the risk taking and generous, loving part of our natures.  Investments, speculation, the Big Gamble also fall under Leo’s rulership – win big/lose big or you have to risk in order to gain – that’s Leo’s way.  Pour some flamboyant on it and have some fun.  Do it because you enjoy it.crystalwind.ca

The North Node, our point of growth, creates the Leo eclipse.  Here is the theme of the sacred masculine intensified by the presence of Mars in Leo.  Exactly conjunct the eclipse, one of the four Royal stars, Regulus in the constellation Leo located in the ‘heart of the lion’, rules the direction of North – the outer masculine where we show up in the world with integrity and generosity for all our relations and Mother Earth.  The direction of courage, strength, and wisdom is where we go deep within our hearts and listen like a tree standing in winter to all that has gone before that has brought us to this moment.  We all are healing our masculine, experiencing how we show up in the world, and calling on Spirit to support us in walking a balanced path healing what is out of balance.

The shadow side of Leo reveals the King/Queen, the Hero/Heroine within to be self-centered, childish, bullying, and dictatorial stubbornly insisting on their righteousness, but revealing their hurting, angry and immature underbelly.  Cowardly, full of doubt and unequipped to face their fear, Leo is clearly dramatizing all around us some of the darker aspects of the Queen/King so we can reset at this turning point how we hold our personal power and understand just what is that thorn stuck in our paw.

With both Saturn and Uranus in a supportive and cooperative relationship with our new Leo cycle, look to attending to your hard realities and focused action (Saturn) for getting traction out of the pressures that an eclipse season accentuate.  Saturn in Sagittarius says ‘walk the path of what has to mean to you; look at the big picture; be tolerant, get grounded, and manifest spirit in all you do.  Hard truths, though not the easiest to swallow, often lead to the most movement and growth in life.  Saturn is working more closely with the Mars than the Sun so we are energized to get the show on the road and lean into the work that will bring manifestation.  With so many planetary bodies retrograde (pesky Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Eris, Juno), there’s a feeling of not having our energy completely under us, we can’t quite get fully launched, inertia is weighing heavy on us.

What does Uranus add to the dance?  The inspiration of fire, a gratifying shatter of the old ways, CHANGE! FREEDOM!  When the Sun reappears after the eclipse, we can welcome our awakening, kick the ego to the curb, and get our weird on.  Uranus is happy to fuel our cooperation by breaking down walls of all kinds that separate us.  We can heed Saturn’s call AND throw in with Uranus all at the same time.  Uranus is the most exact aspect has us on a fast track to the future fueling both technology and revolutionary movements.

The other exact aspect of this chart is Pluto at 17º Capricorn opposing Ceres in Cancer 17º.  It represents the shadow side of the patriarchy/matriarchy separation, the classical mythology of abduction of the daughter and the mother’s grief, rage and rampage under the powerlessness felt to protect her daughter.  It’s clear our mandate is to heal this core wounding and balance this polarity within our selves, partnerships, and the way we see the world in order to bring ourselves into our own integrated love.  Let’s hope this solar eclipse triggers a mega forgiveness festival where the dance is letting go of that old drama.  Can the feminine forgive the masculine for oppression and holding them out as superior and the most powerful?  Can the masculine acknowledge the feminine as strong, wise and of equal power?

As we pass through this magnificent masculine Leo portal of fire emphasized by two New Moons at 0º and 29º, watch for shifts and events being set off when a planet triggers these degrees like Sept. 3 when Mars hits that 29º Leo point, the week of Sept 1-8 Mercury is at a standstill at that point when it goes directly on Sept 5th, Sept 18th Venus 29º Leo, or Nov 20 when the Scorpio Sun squares that 29º Leo eclipse point.   Often these are the times when the pressure we feel now can be released.

So, you find yourself in one of the major transformative periods of modern times, well, your tool bag – right there in your heart – has never been more full.  What we feed now is what will grow.

The Lion, King of Beasts, is on center stage!

All times are in Mountain Standard Time (MST)

  • 08/22 Sun enters Virgo 4:21 PM MDT
  • 08/25 Saturn goes direct 21º Sagittarius
  • 09/05 Mercury goes directly at 28º 25’ (fully out of shadow on 09/19)
  • 09/06 Pisces Full Moon 14º 1:03 AM MDT
  • 09/19 Virgo New Moon 27º 11:30 PM

The Vogel® Crystal Healing Process


It is assumed that some introduction, discussion, therapeutic intervention or another process of information gathering has preceded this form of treatment. It is important for the facilitator to have some background and understanding of what is going on with the client and their life. A normal type of intake interview protocol would suffice.

The client needs to know something of what this procedure is about and what their role is in the treatment. Their task is not simply to be passive, but an active participant in their healing process. You will need to educate them about the breathing processes involved in the treatment, particularly the pulsing of the breath at the release phase.

It is important also that the client know what you mean when you instruct them “to go to the source of their distress” and that it is not necessary that they find anything in particular. Whatever arises in their consciousness is enough. If nothing, in particular, arises this is fine as well. Consciousness will go to the source of the distress whether or not the client is aware of it or not. One is always speaking to the client’s Higher Consciousness or Soul.

You may need to take a moment or two to prepare yourself for the treatment. Being centered and Heart Focused is very important. Whatever else may happen during treatment, therapeutic intervention with the crystal is primarily a means of transmitting unconditional Love. Healing is the process of allowing more Love, of allowing the Soul to become more fully embodied. All other considerations are secondary. The amelioration or removal of specific conditions is part of the process of allowing a more fully embodied Soul life. It is the consequence of treatment but not necessarily the primary purpose. The “healer” or facilitator is working as a Soul to assist another Soul in manifesting more completely in the earth plane. It is important that the facilitator has a degree of consciousness as a Soul to be effective.


The first step in any crystal healing procedure is to clear and charge the crystal.

Clearing the crystal is accomplished by holding the crystal, operating tip upwards, between two opposing faces with the thumb and second finger of the non-dominant hand. The thumb and second finger of the dominant hand support the tips of the crystal. The thumb supports the base of the crystal and the second finger supports the operating tip.

Focus the mind on the intent of clearing the crystal of any unwanted charges or programming. Slowly draw the breath in as you focus on your intent and on the crystal. Hold the indwelling breath for a second or two and then release it in a sudden burst. This sudden burst is similar to a sneeze or clearing one’s nose. The pulsing action will disrupt any accumulated charge. The focused intent will target the precise programming or charges to be disrupted or erased. Repeat this process for each pair of faces of the crystal. For example, you would do this three times with a six-sided crystal, four times with an eight-sided crystal, and so on.

It is possible to selectively clear or erase programming in the crystal just as one can delete specific documents from a computer file. It is simply a matter of focusing the mind on what it is one wants to clear or delete from the crystal.

To charge the crystal, hold it in your dominant hand and rotate it clockwise while squeezing it with each rotation. The squeezing action elicits the piezoelectric property of the crystal. As you do this the surface of the crystal will begin to feel sticky and a squeaking sound may be heard. This indicates that a primary charge has been built up on the surface of the crystal.

The second step in charging the crystal is to hold it in the dominant hand with the index finger over the operating tip with the other tip in the palm of the hand. Bring into awareness an experience of love and well being. It is best that this be a genuine experience you have had and not just a thought or philosophical concept. Feel the sense of love and well being in your body as you slowly draw the breath in. Focus on the crystal and release the breath in a sudden burst or pulse through the nostrils.

The crystal will then begin to oscillate or vibrate in your hand. You may feel the vibration in your body as a kind of buzzing or tingling sensation or perhaps even heat. If this does not come immediately draw in a slow deep breath as you focus on the crystal. As you draw the breath in the charge from the crystal will enter your body and it may be easier to experience the energy this way. Don’t be concerned if none of this experience occurs at first. It often takes a time to be able to sense the subtle changes.

To test whether or not your crystal is charged you can perform the following procedure.

Hold the crystal so that the flat surface of its body is parallel to the floor. Draw in a slow deep breath. With the breath held in, gently stroke the surface of the crystal. Your finger should lightly glide over the surface. Slowly let the breath out and continue lightly stroking the crystal. As the breath is released the surface of the crystal should become sticky. When the breath is fully exhaled you will feel as if the finger can no longer move across the face of the crystal. It becomes stuck. The resistance or stickiness is due to the charge build-up in the crystal.

Drawing the index finger slowly from the tip of the crystal to the girdle (where the sloping faces forming the tip meet the body of the crystal) is another way to test if it is charged. When the breath is drawn in the finger will glide easily over the surface of the crystal. With the breath exhaled there will be a “stickiness” or resistance that prevents the finger from gliding smoothly.

Once charged, the crystal is responsive to your breathing. When the breath is held in there will be no charge in the crystal. It is in your body. When the breath is exhaled the charge is transferred to the crystal. The crystal’s greatest potential moment, therefore, is when the indwelling breath is held.


The primary focus area for general healing work with the crystal is over the thymus, about four finger widths below the sternal notch. The thymus acts as a sonic screen converting long wave frequencies into shorter wave frequencies that can be utilized by the body at every level, particularly the cellular. There is also the consideration that the thymus links one into the immune system of the body thereby giving access to a large portion of the energy system. We are not dealing with the Heart chakra per se.

Optimally, the client will be standing. If necessary they can be sitting.

One stands, more or less, at ninety degrees from the client so that the empty hand, serving as a sensor, can reach to be between their shoulder blades while the “crystal” hand can reach to their sternum.

The client should be standing with hands at side, not held together.

Ask the client if they truly want healing to take place and are willing to be responsible in their own healing process. It can often be helpful to ask if they imagine themselves being well. If they cannot answer yes to either question, further counseling or another form of intervention may be more appropriate.

First, come into resonance with the client.

If one is so inclined a short prayer can be spoken or a statement of intent made. The facilitator is speaking as a Soul invoking or calling upon the resources of the client’s Soul consciousness. Apart from setting the intent and focus it also begins the process of coming into resonance with the client. We all share sacred frequencies and resonance or entrainment can be most easily established at the level of the Heart, the seat of the Soul.

During this stage, the client can hold the crystal. The Soul or Higher Consciousness will download whatever coding or information is necessary for treatment. Once this is done the facilitator again takes custody of the crystal.

One then establishes resonance on a physical energetic level. Pacing the breathing of the client can do this. i.e. breathing with the client. As they breathe in, you breathe in. As they breathe out, you breathe out. If the client is breathing too shallowly encourage them to breathe more deeply. This can be done by verbal suggestion or not verbally by simply increasing the depth of your own breath. If they do not follow your non-verbal suggestion you can then instruct them as to how you wish them to breathe. The purpose of working with the breath at the beginning is simply to energize the client and encourage their energy to flow a little more freely. The intent is not to induce any kind of hyperventilated state, but to allow more flow, energy, and relaxation.

Once you have come into energetic resonance with the client and are satisfied with their breathing you can then enter the energy field with the crystal. To do this draw your breath in and hold it. Move the crystal in toward the thymus with a counter rotating movement. This is done by a pronation of the arm as you move the operating tip of the crystal toward the client’s thymus area. You are not describing a counterclockwise circle with the crystal, but simply rotating or rolling it in a counterclockwise direction. The crystal is held at a distance of approximately one inch or so from the client’s chest.

Slowly rotate the crystal clockwise by supinating the arm. Again, you are not describing a clockwise circle with the crystal but merely rotating or rolling the crystal clockwise. At a particular point in the rotation, a slight resistance will be felt. This is usually accompanied by a shift in the client’s body. The breathing may change; the body may begin to move back and forth; rapid eye movement may begin or there may be a change in skin tone and color in the face.

You may also feel a change in your own body. Sensations in the sensor hand will usually occur; there may be heat, tingling, pulsation or various other changes. All of these are indications that you have linked or entrained to the client’s energy field or etheric body. You may feel the crystal as if bouncing or floating on a wave of energy, a magnetic field like sensation coming off the client’s body. Once this is accomplished you can release the breath and breathe normally. It can be helpful to breathe in synchrony with the client.

If you are not able to link to the field upon the first attempt, begin the process again. If you do not have success on the second or third attempt another method can be useful. This is a variation or refinement of the process just described. Imagine over the thymus area of the patient a small clock-face, perhaps two inches in diameter with the thymus directly in the middle. Attempt to link to the field as already described but this time entering at the twelve o’clock position on the clock rather than the center point. If this is not successful move to one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock and so on until you find the area of resonance. In the beginning, it is a matter of practice, patience, and sensitivity.

Once resonance has been established you can move on to the next step. As you breathe with the client slowly move the crystal up and down over the sternum. Be sure that the rhythm of the movement follows the breath. As the breath comes in the crystal moves upward. As the breath flows out, the crystal moves downward. Be sure that the movement of the crystal is smooth and synchronous with the breath. The effect of this motion is to amplify the overall energy field.

If the client is breathing in a shallow fashion it may be necessary to guide their breath. Tell them to breathe in……and out in the rhythm or pace that you wish to set. Maintain the movement of the crystal in pace with the breathing.

Instruct the client to go to the area of distress with their mind and describe their experience. They may offer visual, verbal, or kinesthetic references. Often the experience does not seem directly related to the distress you are treating. It is important to work with the material presented by the client at face value during the session. It is not necessary to interpret in any particular way. During the treatment work with the images, words, and sensations the client presents. It is their experience whether actual or metaphorical. Later one can examine the session for meanings other than what the client has described. Often therapeutic metaphor is the most effective and powerful means of accessing the subconscious.

Continue this step of the process until you feel satisfied that you have dealt sufficiently and effectively with the information presented by the client. Sometimes the client will offer no information at all beyond sensations of tingling, heat, spaciousness and so on.

The next step is to begin describing clockwise circles over the thymus with the crystal. It is as if you are tracing over the imaginary clock-face mentioned above. This motion with the crystal will link you more deeply with the issue with which the client is grappling. Instruct the client to go to the source of their distress with their consciousness. Begin to make the circles faster and smaller as if creating a clockwise spinning vortex. Tell the client to be one with the distress and to accept it totally.

As you continue to describe the clockwise circles over the thymus instruct the client to take in a slow deep breath as they focus more intently upon their distress. You do likewise as you draw the crystal away from the thymus area at approximately a forty-five-degree angle. The sensor hand also is pulled away from between the shoulder blades at a similar forty-five-degree angle.

At the peak of the inhalation tell the client in an emphatic voice to “RELEASE!”. Both you and the client simultaneously pulse the breath forcefully through the nostrils in an explosive release of the breath. It is important that the release of breath be as synchronized as possible.

When the client exhales there may be a tendency that they begin to bend forward. If this happens to encourage it with a light touch to the back of the head. Bending over forward can facilitate the releasing process and is often a natural inclination in this process. It is important not to force the client to bend over forwards as they may have lower back distress of which they have not informed you.

When the releasing is complete, bring the hands so that they energetically support the client. The dominant hand is over, but not touching the sternum area while the sensor hand is similarly positioned over and between the shoulder blades. This is to ensure that energy does not continue to flow out the client as in a type of “energetic bleeding”.

Once you are satisfied that the field has stabilized you can begin the process of closing it. This is accomplished by describing, with the crystal and sensor hand, large spiraling circles around the front and back of the client, linking the major chakras: crown to base, brow to polarity, throat to solar plexus and finally coming to rest at the heart. The crystal is placed on the chest over the thymus and the sensor hand comes to rest on the back between the shoulder blades.

This is followed by a hug if appropriate. The hug is not just a gesture but actually, serves to bring the client into a greater state of energetic balance. This is assuming, of course, that the therapist is in balance. If this is not the case one should not be doing this treatment at all. One could instead seek treatment.

Our Passion For Crystals

Since time began, Humankind has been fascinated by the Crystal Kingdom. From the spiritual majesty of Australia’s Uluru rock to the simple beauty of beach pebbles, we cannot help but notice the minerals of our Earth. We want to touch them, we want to use them.

Perhaps this should not be surprising as we ourselves have crystalline bodies and this is one reason why crystals have become a natural tool for healing purposes. It is known from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs on Emerald slabs that they were used for therapeutic & cosmetic purposes. Various tribes around the world still use minerals and crystals for magic, ceremony, and healing. However they are used, they are powerful tools and need to be respected. As they are tools, they can be used for negative as well as positive reasons and therefore cleansing and dedicating a newly found crystal is one of the first priorities we need to attend to, so that a crystal  “from this point on, is only used for the highest good of all”.

The negative potential of crystals has caused some religious belief systems to assume that anyone connected with Crystal Healing must be a practitioner of the Dark Arts! Nothing could be further from the truth. However, it is always wise to go to a properly trained Crystal Healer to be sure of a safe and caring healing experience. As crystals are tools they are only as good and as pure as the practitioner who is using them. Your intent is what most influences your experience with a crystal.

Science knows that crystals such as Quartz, Corundum (Ruby, Sapphire), Tourmaline, Diamond etc absorb, store and transmit energy that passes through them. This in modern times has been used to great effect in the industry, in items such as computers and watches, in medicine and surgery and now in Space programs. Although Quartz, in particular, is grown artificially within a few days, (for industrial purposes), it is interesting that when it is needed for programs in a space rocket, only natural Quartz will do, as its greater precision in storing and transmitting signals is vital in outer space. It makes you respect crystals, even more, when you think those special abilities have taken millions of years to evolve and grow



The Crystal Kingdom has developed into a huge variety of form and color. According to those who have learned to use and love them, each crystal group has been found to have its own variety of healing and spiritual uses. You will find, as you read various books on the subject, the same crystal may appear to have different qualities, depending on which book you read! This is not to be fretted over, as understanding the qualities of crystals is like looking at a gemstone and that, while it is the same gemstone, each person cannot help but look at it in a different way, through its different facets, thus receiving different facets of the same truth. Secondly, each individual will resonate in a unique way with each piece of crystal and therefore each of us will react in a unique way to it. For this reason, it is very important we also learn to use and trust our intuition when choosing the ‘right’ crystal for a particular reason. Just because the book you are looking at doesn’t recommend your crystal for that particular purpose, doesn’t mean you have picked the ‘wrong’ crystal. Many of us have learned that crystals choose you! This is due to intuition and personal energy resonance – the two vibrations of your crystal and your self, vibrating in harmony, an entrainment of comfortable knowing.



Here are two examples of crystals chosen for a very different purpose from what you might expect, according to commonly accepted beliefs. Rose Quartz is traditionally and widely accepted as a crystal for emotional balance. As a Crystal Healer, I was surprised, one day, to be Spiritually Guided to use it to cleanse the negative effects of chemotherapy. This was specific to one patient’s needs and may not be appropriate for everyone in this situation. Another example was in the use of Ruby. I have a gentleman I have seen as a client for many years and he suffers from S.A.D. each winter. We have found that Ruby, placed around his head, on the pillow, affects these depleted energies, and uplifts his mood considerably. Ruby is traditionally a crystal for the lower body, especially as a grounding crystal.

So, you may begin to see, crystals can be used in a variety of ways for Spiritual and healing purposes. From Spiritual Development, healing, and energy balancing, to psychic awareness and protection; also for strengthening the mind, the energies of the body and the emotions, not to mention the Spirit. They also have a place in balancing and cleansing the energies of the home, the garden, your pets and in the workplace.

Crystals also come in every conceivable size, shape, polish and color variation. Some people will only work with natural untouched crystals as they want to be sure they are in their original, natural shapes, such as clusters, single crystals and ‘massive’ forms (slabs or chunks of crystal – mainly quartz types – made of microcrystalline crystals). Others may only wish to work with smoothed forms such as tumbled stones, spheres, free forms, and eggs. This area of polished crystals opens up a whole new realm of appreciation if you are a visual type. Unless a crystal is of a  high grade, it can be difficult to see inside it, at the beautiful formations that Nature creates as it grows. These wisps, ‘stars’, angel and fairy ‘wings’, rainbows and ‘landscapes’ are a stunning vision of themselves and surely add to the loved one develops for the Crystal Kingdom. You do not have to be in the New Age scene to recognize how very beautiful this can be. There are many who collect crystals for the pure pleasure of what Nature can produce.



Polished crystals also open up opportunities to use crystal in sacred geometric forms and precision healing tools such as wands and massage pieces.

Quartz Platonic Solids, famously defined by Plato over 2000 years ago, can be useful for advanced healing and balancing techniques. They consist of the 5 principle geometric shapes found in Nature. Other polished forms that are more easily available are the four sided pyramid, the prism, the round-ended wand, the sphere and the egg.

Several forms of complementary therapies are adopting simple crystal healing techniques as part of their practice, as therapists train in these different fields. For instance, massage therapies, Reflexology, Acupressure, Spiritual and Reiki Healing are all beginning to embrace the use of crystals directly on the body. A wider variety of therapists use crystals to enhance and cleanse the energy of their therapy rooms and others adopt the use of crystals for Feng Shui reasons. Also many now wear crystal jewelry to enhance the Aura in various ways.

To develop a passion for crystals is to develop a passion for life! It’s a bit of an addiction actually and never fails to fascinate. It doesn’t have to be expensive but your collection can range from a humble tumble to a majestic Madonna. As a Crystal Healer, I prefer to collect and use high-grade pieces as I prefer their vibration. However, there is no right or wrong – if you use your intuition sensibly and lovingly. When we bring crystals into our lives, we invite their transformative qualities to work at the very core of our being. In time this brings inner strength, comfort, and healing. They are such simple and beautiful tools and yet have the capability of creating great internal shifts, which can go on to reflect in your outer life, with the potential of lifting you out of old patterns of behavior and other states of dis-ease. Not only do their crystalline energies affect us, but also their ability to carry Light and color, which greatly enhances their fabulous vibrational qualities for healing and transformation.

Total Solar Eclipse In Leo, 21st August

Eclipses are the most powerful transits that you can experience. They herald major beginnings and endings, burning and purifying.

Solar eclipses tend to create new beginnings and bright new opportunities.
Usually, they are exciting, are often very positive, and bring news out of the blue.

August 21st, 2017, we will be experiencing one of the most powerful and significant total solar eclipses of our lifetime. Its path of totality goes right across the United States from coast to coast. This eclipse has been on the radar for both astronomers and astrologers for years and has been dubbed ‘The Great American Eclipse.

It’s the first total solar eclipse to be visible coast-to-coast across the U.S. in nearly 100 years; the last time was in June 1918.

solar eclipse photo

This Solar Eclipse, is immensely significant and positive in so many ways, in the sign of Leo, it represents a marked improvement in the good life for us all. Our quality of life will dramatically improve, as well as developing our sense of self, self will and personal power, feeling proud of who we are. This is heart opening energy.

Eclipses are doorways, quantum choice points. What we hold in our thought and intention at these times reverberates throughout time, space and all dimensions.

It contains the tremendous possibility to leap into new ways of being in our lives. It is a zero-point of potential – a time out of time – with unknown wild-card outcomes and permutations of reality waiting to be seized.

As the Sun is darkened by the shadow of the Moon, our intuition (the Moon) – wordless and irrational – overpowers your creative center and power (the Sun). The result is a bit like a short-circuit of your internal wiring. The fundamental laws of the universe no longer apply as the Sun’s light is temporarily darkened. The world is shrouded in an apprehensive silence that you can almost hear. At the solar eclipse, something is trying to get your attention, this is the time when magic can happen.

If you think of the astrological system as a computer, eclipses are those moments when the divine disk drive writes a new code to the magnetic surface of life. There is, at the same time, the possibility to erase certain ideas and influences for good. The script will be re-written and the script writer and co-creator is you.

The Sun and Moon, conjoined in Leo are urging us to explore our hearts and brings warmth and light, to encourage us to stand up for what we believe in. We will be infused with the qualities of the fire sign of Leo which is, forceful, magnetic, generous,  impulsive and has a strong and ardent desire to be loved and to give love.

Leo is moved through the heart rather than through reason. Like the lion, Leo is commanding, resolute, courageous, and high-spirited, sometimes boastfully asserting his superiority. Leo’s warmth and kindness are of the type which a good king has towards its subjects.

The spot light is focused in those areas of our lives that need more abundance, success, happiness, and joy. This is a cosmic green light to enjoy the good life, to be creative, joyful and have fun, like the internal inner child within us, that Leo represents.

A major feature of this eclipse is that it is conjoined to the royal fixed star of Regulus. The brightest star in the constellation of Leo, Regulus has been almost universally associated in ancient cultures with the concept of royal or kingly power. A very beneficial Star with the qualities of Jupiter and Mars, Regulus is at 29 degrees of Leo, and his meaning is one of fame, success, honor, and wealth.

Regulus raises people to great heights of power and fame to those who deserve it. A balancing out of karma is taking place and many will be elevated into a higher realm on a spiritual and materialistic level, dramatically improving our well being and quality of life.

Regulus is also known as the Ruler, the Lawgiver. When we think of the word Regulus, it can be held as a regulator. As the name suggests, Regulus regulates or balances out karma so that people already in power, kings or Queens who have misused their power, may fall from favor and power. The effects of which can either be immediate, or the process will be put into motion at the eclipse, and we will see the events unfold over the next two to three months. Since the eclipse is over the USA, all eyes are on American politics, in particular, especially President Trump, whose ascendant and Mars in Leo are exactly aligned with this eclipse.
This eclipse is heralding in a new era, as the fixed star Regulus moved into the sign of Virgo (though still in the constellation of Leo) after 2000 years in 2011.

This is the first solar eclipse conjoined to Regulus since then, marking a shift in power over the next 2000 years, which will be to governed less by the royal decreed of law, which signifies the old and dying order of the male dominated, kingly right to power towards the feminine sign of Virgo, one based on compassion, service and healing.
We are witnessing at present, many, especially in politics who are of the dying order still desperately clinging to power as we transition into this new era.

Adding to the positivity of this Solar Eclipse, it is the first solar eclipse to be conjoined to the north node in Leo since 1998 as opposed to the south node. The north node is highly beneficial and dynamic whereas an eclipse conjunct the south node often implies loss or having to let go.

As if this wasn’t enough we have yet another highly powerful and beneficial aspect as the planet of Jupiter and good fortune, makes a positive aspects the the Solar Eclipse as well as to Saturn, also taking part in the dynamic grand fire trine that is positively helping us to manifest our dreams and plans until October. Expansion and Luck will be on the Horizon quite literally. Uranus, directly aligned with the Solar Eclipse is helping us to embrace positive change.crystalwind.ca

When the Sun and the Moon meet in perfect union, astrologers call the condition Cazimi – meaning ‘in the throne’ or ‘in the heart’ of the Sun, it is the most powerful condition for a planet. It is where we collectively enter the heart of the Sun, into the royal throne room. Our emotional consciousness represented by the Moon enters a higher state, likened to having conversations with God or your higher self, taken into a room being promoted or de-promoted according to the creator.

Cazimi is considered highly fortunate as it means the Moon is literally sitting on the throne of the King. This gives her Queenly power and is often described as bestowing some kind of brilliance or genius. A Cazimi Moon (which can only happen at the time of a New Moon) is good to use if you want something to really succeed. It’s one of the highest forms of good luck.

The Sun is the King or Queen of the skies, and when a planet is invited into the royal chambers, that planet receives a purely elevating infusion of solar energy. Stimulating the response in humanity to express heart consciousness, the quality we call love. Burning away what no longer serves us, wiping the slate clean and renewing our mind, body, and spirit.

The Royal Sun is planting secrets, and when the Moon withdraws from the throne room, a re-birthing process begins. A force that bestows some with the influence to work magic and to wield power over vast amounts of people, as new kings and Queens rise, while others fall.
It’s as if the planet has the ear of the King, and can persuade the King to attend to the planet’s wishes for a time.

It’s one of the most powerful times to set your intentions.

This eclipse will have lasting effects for more than two years especially concerning the countries which the eclipse passes over.

As the Sun and the Moon conjoin in perfect unison, it is a rare chance to realign our ego with our soul self. To get the balance right, on both a personal and collective level. The Sun represents our ego and the Moon our soul.

One of the biggest transformational moments in life is to realize and understand the difference between soul and ego. A moment that can lead to enlightenment.

As you dissolve into love, your ego fades. You’re not thinking about loving; you’re just being love, radiating like the sun.
~ Ram Dass

Our soul is eternal and always present, even if you don’t always feel it or pay attention to it.

“Ego says: Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.
Spirit says: Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place”.- Marianne Williamson

Some, however, may choose to live out the more negative side of Leo during this potent time, in the form of arrogance with a sense of entitlement as well as misuse of power. Venus in opposition to Pluto can mean heightened passion, especially in romance, but also power struggles. Venus in cancer wants to feel emotionally secure, and some may use the control to get what they want. Someone who feels deeply unloved and is insecure needs to ensure they are not abandoned and left behind. They need to be in control. This is their way of feeling safe and “loved”.

They become needy, increasing the control, needing to be fed “love” by seeking that external attention. Now at this eclipse, we have a rare chance to find the love within, releasing unhealthy attachments.

A person in a Soul space honors themselves. They say no to what does not serve them. They say yes to what does. They respect themselves and choose to walk away from anything that does not respect them. Once they walk away, they learn from what they were taught. They honor and respect others, they are considerate and conscientious. There is no need to be first like the ego. There is no need for competition.

Learn to listen to your soul when it speaks to you, trust in it and act on the advice it gives to you.

Your soul is a source of unconditional love, courage and strength, wisdom, and happiness and joy.

It can’t be harmed by other people’s opinions or external circumstances. It can’t be harmed by anything.

Your soul and true self, are who you are deep down below all the labels, roles, expectations and social mask. Something that doesn’t change – you are born you, and you will forever be you inherently worthwhile – you are divine energy from the Universe. Your very existence in this world is what makes you beautiful, valuable and amazing.

Where have you been playing small in your life holding yourself back? Putting others needs first? Not believing in your own magnificence and the power to co- create?

If you want to find life purpose and live a full and healthy inner life, it is essential to bring your ego-mind into a relationship with your soul-self.

We are souls having a human experience.


Ego seeks to serve itself,
Soul seeks to serve others.
Ego seeks outward recognition,
Soul seeks inner authenticity.
Ego sees life as a competition,
Soul sees life as a gift.
Ego seeks to preserve self,
Soul seeks to preserve others.
Ego looks outwards,
Soul looks inward.
Ego feels lack,
Soul feels abundance.
Ego is mortal,
Soul is eternal.
Ego is drawn to lust,
Soul is drawn to love.
Ego seeks wisdom,
Soul is wisdom.
Ego enjoys the prize,
Soul enjoys the journey.
Ego is cause to pain,
Soul is cause of healing.
Ego rejects God,
Soul embraces God.
Ego seeks to be filled,
Soul is eternal wholeness.

Solar Eclipse times, on the 21st August:
Los Angeles, 11:30 am
New York,  2:30 pm
London,  7:30 pm
Delhi,  12:00 am
Sydney,  4:30 am

How to Use Colors For Health

Colors can enhance our lives for the better.

Several of the old civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians practiced a method that uses a system of colors to increase health and well-being.

Colors were important to them and they regarded it as symbolic too!

Studies have explored the relationship between the human body and colors.

For example, researchers at the University of British Columbia analyzed the effect of color on 666 students and found that they scored higher on “detail-oriented” assignments when completing them on a red background.

In 2000, the city of Glasgow installed blue street lighting in certain neighborhoods and subsequently reported the anecdotal finding of reduced crime in these areas (according to news sources.)

I personally find using colors in my life very helpful to shift focus, lift awareness and raise energy levels. It also helps to create a certain energy field.

This depends on how and why you use it.

This is my own guide to the Color spectrum.

Often I may wear the color itself or carry something on me with the color. Sometimes I may use art or makeup containing the color. Or sit in a room lighted with the color. Depends on my situation as to how and when I use colors!

Many angels and Galactic use the color frequency to help their souls rise higher. They blend and share colors to increase well-being.

You can also use the following to balance in the areas that you feel you need it.


To ground yourself with creativity on Earth, to experiment, to cheer up, to play and awaken your soul to higher callings.


To cleanse, to calm, to feel at ease. To be strong YET sensitive to the higher nature.


For intellect and deep knowledge. To connect to higher dimensions.


For intelligence, calmness, and knowledge.


Remembering and tapping into creative God spark. Use to increase creative awareness, intuition.


To feel peace. Alive. Balanced. Use to make life goals concrete, in reality.


For increased fun, joy, playfulness and innocence.


Happiness, fun bursting forth.


For strength in any situation, to be at the center of good energy (set an intention.)


Stability, harmony, balance. Protects aura.

How the colors work depends on YOU. Your attraction to certain colors may be signs that you need to use it more often to balance out in your life.

Understanding the effects of colors can also help in rediscovering your power within and create meaningful purpose in your life depending on the situations!

Use it to enhance your life and balance your body and mind.

Meanings of Color




Witch skills. Purification. Ancient wisdom and knowledge.

Amethyst Transition from the material world to spiritual realms. Awareness. Higher knowledge, Spiritual insight.
Apple Green Healer
Apricot Admiration.
Aqua Cooling and Balancing. Communication and expanded awareness.
Avocado Green New Beginnings.
Azure Symbol of heraldry. Represents piety and sincerity.
Beige Neutral, practical, and conservative. Unbiased.
Black Negativity. Fear, Anxiety, Hatred, Resentment, Guilt, Depression. Known as the color of evil, despair, sin, and mourning. Represents satanic ritual, darkness, and the underworld.
Blue Gives peace of mind. Represents Spirituality, and religion. The most calming color. Indicates sensitivity, truth, healing, hope, friendship, physical protection, creativity, patience, wisdom, peace, loyalty. Assists with sleep. Represents inner light. Guidance.
Blue Green Spiritual healing. Depression or sadness.
Blue Grey Fear of new ideas.
Blue Purple Transcendent idealism.
Blue Violet Honour, spiritual truth, devotion, inspiration.
Burgundy Wealth, Success, prosperity, and elegance. Unconscious beauty.
Brick Red Selfishness, Avarice, Criminal intent.
Bright Green Uplifting.
Bright Orange Health and vitality.
Bright Purple Denotes knowledge of the spiritual in conscious existence.
Bright Red Courage.
Bright Yellow Intuition. Enlightened intellect. Represents playfulness. Gaiety. Joy, Merriment.
Bronze For positive relationships.
Brown Represents the practical. A down to earth approach. Animal magic, Symbol of home, friendship, grounding. Opens energy channels. Eliminates indecisiveness; improves powers of concentration.
Burnt Orange Opportunity.
Buttercup Yellow Focused
Caramel Positive Career Change
Carmine Change
Charcoal Grey Depression
Chartreuse Confidence, Prosperity, Travel, and Growth.
Cherry Red Self love, Enhances relationships.
Chocolate Work with the earth and the environment.
Claret Self Determination
Clear Clarity.
Clear Brown Avarice.
Clear Red High Energy.
Cloudy Orange Low intellect.
Cloudy Red Greed, cruelty.
Cobalt Blue Intuition from Higher dimensions
Copper Professional growth, business fertility, career maneuvers, passion, and money goals.
Coral Friendship, friends.
Cranberry Red Love, Passion, Energy, Enthusiasm, Courage.
Cream Represents Acceptance, tolerance, and maturity. Charming, thoughtful, gracious.
Crimson Helps in making choices; Offers spiritual guidance and protection. Optimistic, Reckless. Mourning.
Cyan Calming of the physical.
Dark Blue Superstition. Depression, and moodiness. Fanaticism. Smug, Dogmatic, Rigid, and Critical.
Dark Brown Unenlightened. Denial of spirit. Materialistic approach to life. Evokes wistfulness or melancholy. Indecision. Drains energy.
Dark Green Indicates jealousy or rivalry. Ambition, and greed. Insecurity. Selfishness. Grace in old age. Adaptable.
Dark Grey Energy and guidance for problems to come.
Dark Orange Distrust and deceit. Down to earth.
Dark Pink Represents gentle, unconditional love. Thankfulness. Concentrated Spiritual Healing.
Dark Red High energy, Strong determination, Strong passion, Anger. Aggression.
Dark Purple Wealth. Has an analgesic, narcotic, and hypnotic effect. Rage. Deep devotion, deep compassion. Vision.
Dark Turquoise Helpful for feelings of loneliness, heightens communication, sensitivity, and creativity.
Dark Yellow Indicates oppression. Represents treachery, cowardice, aging, and illness. Indicates Caution. Jealousy. Deceit.
Deep Blue High spiritual attainment.
Deep Crimson Shame.
Deep Gold Prosperity.
Deep Orange Pride.
Deep Pink Marriage. Mature love. Trust. Thankfulness.
Deep Red Unconscious beauty.
Delft Blue Strong Ethics
Dirty Green Envy, Spite, Illness, or Jealousy
Doe Skin

Very orderly.

Dull Grey Brown Selfishness.
Dull Yellow

False optimism, visionary mentality.

Dusty Pink Sexual Desire
Electric Blue Individuality, Originality, Encourages uniqueness, Stimulates the need for humanism, Creates innovation, Enhances our ability to be open minded, Promotes rationality, carries spiritual protection.
Emerald Green Attracts love and fertility. Money, Prosperity, and Wealth. Peace of mind.
Fawn End of Difficulties
Fuchsia Positive and pure energy. Emotional tension. Preparation for change.
Gold Spiritual Healing. Represents Faith, Constancy, Wisdom, Glory. Solar magic. Fosters understanding and attracts the power of cosmic forces. Symbol of attraction, persuasion, wealth, and financial wisdom. Blessing of home. Super conscious and spiritual truths. Eternal or spiritual Love.
Golden Brown Friendship. Illumination, wisdom.
Golden Orange Denotes self-control.
Golden Topaz Balanced Power.
Golden Yellow Joy and Gladness.
Grape Laziness
Green Creates a balance of energy. Heals the heart. Helps us overcome a fear of giving, and sharing. Assists adaptability. Promotes reconciliation, harmony, and balance. Peaceful thoughts. Renewal. A symbol of fertility and growth. Represents abundance, vitality, nature, success, good luck, and beauty. The most restful color for the human eye.
Green Yellow Jealousy, anger, sickness, discord, cowardice.
Green Grey Envy, deceit, fear.
Grey Indicates a lack of commitment, Depression. Colour of neutrality. Creates confusion. Balance, or stalemate.
Grey Brown Selfishness.
Imperial Purple Dreams
Indian Red Leadership, Valour.
Indigo Develops psychic perception. Higher Intuition. Clairvoyance. Helps in discovering past lives Indicates dignity, tranquility, psychic powers, and trustworthiness. Creates a deep meditation state. Balances out Karma.
Iridescent Green Very friendly.
Iridescent Pink Sexual desire.
Ivory Tainted purity, superiority.
Ivory Pink Friendship.
Jade A charitable nature.
Lavender Intuition, dignity, spiritual shield, the opening of the third eye. Inner Peace. Spiritual Growth. Equilibrium. Dainty, nostalgic, feminine. Soothing. Affection and devotion.
Leaden Grey Meanness, lack of imagination.
Lemon Stimulates and vitalizes the brain. Cleansing.
Lemon Green A Liar and a cheat.
Lemon Yellow Strong Direction
Light Blue Represents hope and faith. Harmony, peace and tranquility, forgiveness, fidelity, honesty, patience, and devotion. Used to purify the home. Need to learn from past mistakes, and take care in choices. Relieves anxiety and confusion.
Light Brown Indicates genuineness. Doubt.
Light Gold Prosperity and health.
Light Green Youth, potential, Vitality and health.
Light Grey Fear.
Light Orange Shy and Timid. Promotes empathy.
Light Pink Sexual love. Evokes love, romance, grace, and joy. Shared Spiritual Awakening. Immaturity.
Light Purple Increased Psychic Power. Spiritual prowess. Fantasy, romance.
Light Red Happiness, courage, success.
Light Violet Enchantment. Communication with spirit guides and angels.
Light Yellow High wisdom and intellect.
Lilac Acceptance of responsibility. Awakening. Enchantment.
Lime Green Attracts prosperity. Abundance.
Magenta Energizes. High level of spiritual healing. Exorcism. Promotes winning. Emotional healing.
Maroon Indicates frigidity. Sacrifice, strength, and bravery. Recuperation. Composed Warm hearted and co-operative.
Mauve Represents endurance. Cooperation, trust, and self-confidence.
Medium Green Healing and Health.
Midnight Blue Damaged pride. Angelic protection.
Mint Green Financial gain.
Muddy Orange Represents pride or vanity.
Muddy Pink An individual who is immature.
Mushroom Slowing of destiny.
Mustard Indicates difficulty in rationalizing. Represents jealousy,
Navy Blue Strong Emotions, often focused on self-pity. Color for wallowing.
Off White Peace of mind.
Olive Peace. Natural wisdom. Uniformity.
Opal Transformation.
Opaque Grounded awareness.
Orange Helps with the assimilation of new ideas. Removes repression and inhibitions. Broadens the mind, Helps us cope with our life and career. Promotes Drive and ambition. Fruitful Endeavours. Increases vigor. Stimulates energy, and Endurance. Awe.
Orange Brown Self-indulgence, sloth, laziness, immorality, perversion, ignorance.
Orange Red Sexuality, Energy
Orchid Physical Energy, Happiness, Power and Healing
Pale Blue Sensitivity
Pale Green Empathy, sympathy, or weakness.
Pale Peach Modesty.
Pale Pink True Love
Pale Primrose Great intellectual power.
Pale Yellow Shyness
Peach Represents empathy and harmony. Gentle Strength, Protection, Confidence, and Communication. Secret desires. Heightens attraction.
Pearl The color of spiritual mediums.
Pearl White Prophesy. Lunar energy. Breaks curses. Deep peace.
Pilot Blue Sheilding.
Pink Unconditional love, Mother Love. The color of romance. Symbol of fidelity, friendship, honor, harmony, compassion, service, and faithfulness. Brings affection.
Pink Madder Loyalty, Commitment
Pink Red Outrageous, imaginative, innovative.
Rosy Pink Unselfish love.
Primrose Optimism
Prussian Blue Harmony
Pumpkin Self Control
Purple Nobility of purpose, Spiritual and visionary leadership, Spiritual teaching and goals. Symbol of power, passionate belief, and respect. Idealism, Psychic manifestations. Abstinence and Sobriety.
Quartz Protection and purification.
Raw Sienna Indicates a poor thinking process.
Rainbow Brings Joy. A special blessing. Balancing of chakra colors. Hope, renewal and new beginnings. Spiritual illumination. Helps with the Recognition of our soul mate.
Red Increases Energy levels, Gives confidence and courage. Brings Joy. Promotes Sexuality, Passion. A representation of love within a relationship. A symbol of love. Career and goals. Power, and willpower. A warning of danger.
Red Brown Subdued Emotions. Deep Anger. Temperamental.
Red Gold Spiritual Unity.
Rose Healing and Health. Patience, Passion, Peace. Self-love. Used to bless the home. Love and romance. Deep affection. Ability to share the love.
Royal Blue Promotes laughter and joviality; the color of loyalty. Brings peace and tranquillity to the home. Confidence. Friendship. Success.
Ruby Red Passionate love or Passionate anger.
Ruddy Yellow May mean that its owner is shy.
Russet Brown Hard working.
Russet Red Short Tempered
Rustic Red Short tempered.
Rust Supernatural powers.
Sable Represents constancy, prudence, and wisdom. Abstinence and Sobriety.
Salmon Knowledge.
Salmon Pink Job satisfaction
Sapphire Blue Broader perception. Inner peace. Spiritual healing.
Scarlet Represents Lust. Encourages excitement. Sexuality, Physical vigour, and vibrancy. Ostentatious and Manipulative. Courage. Passionate. Volatile.
Sea Green Emotional healing and protection. A calming influence. Dynamic motivation.
Sea Shell A Promise of discovery.
Sienna Poor Thought Processes
Silver Grey Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation
Sky Blue Increased psychic ability, lucid dreaming. Hope. Restful and peaceful. Aids Communication. Sincere affection.
Silver Intuition. Symbol of encouragement. Used to remove negativity, and invoke moon magic. Fosters hope, meditation, unconditional love, nurturing, grounding, appreciation of women and nature, mystic visions, spiritual and romantic love, tenderness, kindness, sensitivity and psychic abilities. Encourages stability; helps develop psychic abilities. Provides psychic protection.
Silver Blue Deep Wisdom, intuition, and opportunities.
Spring Green Children and Fertility.
Straw Yellow Day Dream
Steel Blue Deception.
Sulfur Pain, Anger, not at peace or ill at ease.
Sunlight Yellow Promotes creativity, warmth, and optimism. Solar magic. Attracts happiness. Leads us to a new home.
Tan Friendship.
Teal Soothing, Healing, Wisdom, Peace and Harmony. Aids decision making.
Terracotta Challenge convention
Tomato Red Pride.
Turquoise Awareness, Healing, Prosperity, Peace, and Growth. Represents natural energy. Reduces stress. Restful. Generosity.
Ultramarine Travel near or over the ocean.
Vermilion Creativity
Very Dark Red Selfishness.
Violet Brings spiritual growth and peace. Helps insomnia. Calms highly-strung, excitable people. Represents psychic ability, success, wisdom, power, and independence. The bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind.
Violet Red Passion, Sex.
Viridian Emotional or Mental Stress
White Hope, Faith, Purity or virginity, Perfection, Confidence, Enlightenment. Symbol of truth, protection, happiness, and the divine. Represents calmness, relaxation and inner peace. Brings Divine Glory. Cleansing, clairvoyance. Seeker of truth. Used to purify the home.
Wine Promotes self-confidence. Helps overcome obstacles.
Yellow Stimulates intellect. Enhances ability to rationalize, and Mental powers. Represents charm, confidence, vision, enthusiasm, and an easy going attitude about life. Grace. Promotes unity. Brings the power of concentration and imagination. Increases direct contact with spirits.
Yellow Grey Illness.
Yellow Green Jealousy, anger, sickness, discord, cowardice.
Yellow Orange Intellectual.
Zinc Sexual Arousal

Color Energy & Color Therapy

Color, or colour as much of the world spells it, is well known to affect us in many ways. In the modern world, it is commonly used to influence us in advertising, decorating, and dress. Color is also used for alternative healing to affect our personal energies and chakras and to stimulate those energies to heal.

Each color has its own light frequency or energy. Color therapy is when the vibrations of light are used to stimulate healing. This can be done by using colored lights, colored crystals, color meditation, colors of environment and adornment, and other means in these writings on color, the properties are shown for each color are written in a sort of shorthand. Positive properties listed are properties where the color is said to enhance those properties or qualities. Negative properties listed are properties where the color is said to decrease or negate those properties. For ease of use with crystal healing, I have listed gemstones and minerals associated with each color. Keep in mind, however, that many gemstones and minerals come in and may be associated with more than one color.



Keywords: Stimulation, Energy, Assertiveness

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Stimulating, Excites Nervous System, Anti-depressant, Can Stimulate Appetites, Warmth, Energy, Assertiveness, Aggression, Masculinity, Independence, Sports, Competition, Conflict, Potency, Passion, Passionate Love, Romance, Danger, Revolution, War, Yang

Healing Lore: Fatigue, Colds, Chills, Blood, Circulation, Energizes Senses, Stimulate Ovulation, Stimulates Menstruation, Stimulates Growth, Adrenal Activity, Raise Body Temperature, Anemia, Eases Stiffness, Alleviates Constrictions, Physical Strength, Spine, Feet, Hips, Legs

Color Cautions: Excessive red can be overstimulating and cause irritability. Can stimulate cell growth, therefore is not appropriate for cancer treatment.

Related To: Fire Element, Root (Base) Chakra

Gemstones and Minerals: Ruby, Red Coral, Red Garnet, Poppy Jasper, Red Jasper, Red Spinel, Ruby Aura Quartz, Thulite, Rubellite (Red Tourmaline), Leopardskin Jasper, Spinel



Keywords: Warmth, Optimism, Creativity

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Warmth, Cheering, Passion, Creativity, Creative Thinking and Expression, Find New Options, Creative Decision-making, Good Luck, Charm, Kindness, Enthusiasm, Encouragement, Optimism, Success, Abundance, Prosperity, Celebration, Energy, Achieve Goals, Investments, Legal Success, Sensuality

Healing Lore: Emotionally Uplifting, Alleviates Emotional Repression, Sexual Issues, Thyroid, Muscle Cramps, and Spasms, Increases Lactation, Bladder, Bowel (Large Intestine).

Color Cautions: Excessive use can lead to over-excitement or overindulgence.

Related To: Combination of Fire and Air Elements, Sacral Chakra, Autumn (Fall Season)

Gemstones and Minerals: Amber, Carnelian, Fire Opal, Orange Calcite, Orange Spinel, Padparadscha Sapphire, Peach Aventurine, Peach Moonstone, Sheelite, Sunstone, Various Jaspers and Agates



Keywords: Joy, Success, Mental Clarity

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Joy, Cheer, Commerce, Business, Success, Alleviates Psychological Depression, Lust for Life, Mental Clarity, Progress, Change, Business Communication, Learning, Knowledge, Personal Power, Optimism, Test Phobias, Travel, Visualization, Emotional and Mental Vitality, Hope, Cheerfulness, Curiosity, Relaxation, Relieve Stress, Philosophy

Healing Lore: Mental Agility, Nerves, Muscle Energy, Stomach, Liver, Intestines, Digestion, Assimilation of Nutrients, Shooting Pains, Scarring, Skin (especially pores), Acne, Dermatitis, Eczema

Color Cautions: Excessive use can induce overactive thinking, obsessive thinking, rationalization, or superficiality with a tendency to change too often.

Related To: Air Element, Solar Plexus Chakra, Summer Season

Gemstones and Minerals: Amber, Andalusite, Chrysoberyl, Citrine, Honey Calcite, Yellow Calcite, Golden Calcite, Gold, Rutilated Quartz, Yellow-Brown Scapolite, Sphalerite, Sphene, Sulfur, Sunstone, Topaz, Yellow Aragonite, Heliodor (Yellow Beryl), Yellow Carnelian, Yellow Sapphire



Keywords: Nature, Harmony, Heart

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Nature, Harmony, Balance, Emotional Balance, Inner Peace, Unconditional Love, Loving Romanticism, Rejuvenation, Abundance, Prosperity, Money, Soothing, Herbal and Plant Magick, Fertility, Sense of Home, Concern for and Love of Fellow Man, Family Life, Youthful Vigor

Healing Lore: Any Healing, Heart, Blood Pressure, Pain Relief, Psychological Problems Dealing with Arrested Psychological Development, Fertility, Growth, Purification of Blood and Lymph Systems, Raises Immunity, Build Muscle Bone and Tissue, Fertility

Color Cautions: An excess of green may stimulate an aversion to conflict, or envy.

Related Elements: Earth Element, Heart Chakra, Spring Season

Gemstones and Minerals: Actinolite, Aventurine, Bloodstone, Diopside, Dioptase, Emerald, Green Fluorite, Green Apatite, Green Calcite, Gaspeite, Grossular Garnet, Jade, Hiddenite (Green Kunzite, Spodumene), Malachite, Maw Sit-Sit, Moldavite, Moss Agate, Nephrite Jade, Peridot, Prase, Green Tourmaline, Tsavorite, Uvarovite, Variscite, Zoisite



Keywords: Communication, Truth, Loyalty

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Soothing, Alleviates Suffering, Calming, Truth, Wisdom, Loyalty, Tranquility, Communication, Speech, Public Speaking, Peaceful Dreams, Dreamwork, Prophetic Visions, Protection During Sleep, Astral Projection, Magickal Work, Power of the Word, Ideals, Devotion

Healing Lore: Antiseptic, Arthritis Inflammation, Relieve Fever, Cooling, High Blood Pressure, Bleeding, Sinus Headache, Anger-Related Psychological Problems, Hysteria, Anti-itch, Anti-inflammatory, Relieve Pain, Sore Throat, Larynx, Laryngitis, Swallowing Problems

Color Cautions: Excessive use of blue can bring too much cooling energy.

Related To: Air Element, Throat Chakra

Gemstones and Minerals: Aqua Aura, Chinese Amazonite, Azurite, Blue Calcite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Tiger’s Eye (Hawk’s Eye), Blue Topaz, Dumortierite, Blue Quartz, Kyanite, Lapis, Ocean Picture Rock, Blue Peruvian Opal, Pietersite, Blue Smithsonite, Sodalite, Sapphire, Blue Spinel, Turquoise



Keywords: Mystery, Psychic, Spiritual

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Perception, Psychic Power, Royalty, Transformation, Meditation, Relieve Stress and Anxiety, Spiritual Insight, Spiritual Renewal, Psychic Healing, Balance Polarities, Spiritual Power, Mysticism, Astral Projection, Paranormal Sensitivity, Compassion, Dignity, Mystery, Remove Curses and Black Magick, Inspiration, Active Dreaming, Power, Wisdom

Healing Lore: Mental/Emotional/Psychological Problems, Eyes, Ears, Pineal Gland, Addictions, Alcoholism, Recovery, Stimulate Spleen, Increase White Blood Cells, Decrease Pain Sensitivity, Depression

Color Cautions: Excessive purple can bring an unrealistic and impractical energy.

Related To: Spirit Element, Third Eye (Brow) Chakra

Gemstones and Minerals: Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst, Charoite, Fluorite, Lepidolite, Lavender Jade, Imperial Purple Jasper, Iolite, Tiffany Stone (Opalite), Purple Sapphire, Sugilite, Tanzanite



Keywords: Grounding, Protection, Survival

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Protection, Grounding, Repel Evil and Negativity, Binding, Freedom from Bad Habits, Access to Deep Unconscious Levels, Seriousness, Secrecy, Underground, Hiding, Primordial Nothingness, Extremes, Survival

Healing Lore: Lower Blood Pressure, Lower Pulse, Compulsive Behavior

Color Cautions: Extreme exposure can cause depression mentally and physically.

Related To: Earth Element, Root (Base) Chakra

Gemstones and Minerals: Black Obsidian, Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Black Jasper, Black Diamond, Chinese Writing Stone, Snowflake Obsidian, Black Sapphire, Rainbow Obsidian, Meteorite, Tektite, Lava Stone, Black Agate



Keywords: Balance, Light, Divinity

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Purity, Innocence, Harmony, Balance, Spirit, Inner Light, Cosmic Consciousness, Divinity, Perfection, Protection on All Levels, Cleansing, Simplicity, Freshness, Completion, Oneness, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Divination, Invoking Good Spirits, Angels, Higher Self, Spiritual Enlightenment, Serenity

Healing Lore: Healing of Any Illness or Disease by bringing balance and harmony of all spiritual, mental and physical systems, can be a substitute for any other color as white is a blending of all other colors

Color Cautions: An aversion to white may indicate an inability to accept spirituality as a part of life.

Related To: Spirit Element, Crown Chakra

Gemstones and Minerals: Apophyllite, Calcite, Danburite, Diamond, Euclase, Goshenite (White Beryl), Quartz Crystal, Herkimer Diamond, Howlite, Moonstone, Opal, Selenite, Spodumene, White Zircon



Keywords: Neutrality, Self-Control

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Neutrality, Dampening Effect, Neutralize Negative Influence, Erasure, Alleviate Stalemates, Deliberateness, Reserve, Refined, Tact, Non-expression, Self-Control, Self-Reliance

Healing Lore: Irritations, Hyperactivity, Mania, Tourette’s Syndrome

Color Cautions: Very dark or excessive gray may bring depressive energies.

Related To: Sluggishness or Low Energy of Any Chakra

Gemstones and Minerals: Gray Moonstone, Hematite, Howlite, Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl, Chalcedony, Dolomite, Picasso Marble, Various Agates, and Jaspers



Keywords: Nurturing, Kindness, Love

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Love, Infatuation, Relaxation, Relieve Tension, Motherhood, Awareness of Life Purpose, Charm and Personal Magnetism, Life Path, Attracting, Increase Speed, Self-Realization, Unconditional Love of Self and Others, Alleviate Jealousy, Grief, Sadness, Youthfulness, Awareness of Deepest Feelings, Tenderness, Nurturing, Caring, Friendship, Feminine Energy, Receptive, Yin

Healing Lore: Overeating, Obesity, Childbirth, Pregnancy, Adrenal Activity, Heart, Emotional Healing

Color Cautions: Excessive pink may incline toward excessive passivity.

Related To: Heart Chakra

Gemstones and Minerals: Kunzite, Pink Optical Calcite, cobalt-calcite, Leopard Skin Jasper, Pink Manganocalcite, Morganite (Pink Beryl), Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Pink Sapphire, Pink Spinel, Pink Tourmaline



Keywords: Stability, Practicality

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Home, Hearth, Stability, Stamina, Security, Calming, Common Sense, Practicality, Ritual Protection, Humility, Totem Animals, Animal Guides

Healing Lore: Instability of Any Body System, Hyperactivity, AD/HD, ADD, Immune System, Animal Healing

Color Cautions: Excessive use of brown can bring depressive effects.

Related To: Earth Element, Fall Season

Gemstones and Minerals: Many Varieties of Agates and Jaspers, Smoky Quartz, Brown Andradite Garnet, Brown Hessonite Garnet, Brown Diamond, Spessartite, Almandine, Golden/Brown Tiger Eye, Koroit Opal


Color therapy, also known as Chromatherapy, is a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) technique. A trained color therapist is able to use color and light to balance energy wherever our bodies are lacking – whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Chromotherapists state that colors bring about emotional reactions in people. A standard method of diagnosis is the use of Luscher’s color test, developed in the early 1900s by Dr. Max Luscher. The Luscher-Color-Diagnostic® measures a person’s psychophysical state, and their ability to withstand stress, to perform, and to communicate. The diagnostic is used to uncover the cause of psychological stress, which can lead to physical symptoms.

Findings suggest that color and light have been utilized by healers since the beginning of recorded time. Color therapy possibly has roots in Ayurveda, an ancient form of Indian medicine practiced for thousands of years. Other historic roots are linked to ancient Egyptian culture and Chinese healing. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), for example, each organ is associated with a specific color. Ancient Egyptians built solariums (sun rooms) that could be fitted with colored panes of glass. The sun would shine through and flood the patient with color.

When administering color therapy, color and light are applied to specific areas of the body. Because colors are associated with both positive and negative effects of color therapy, specific colors and accurate amounts of the color are deemed to be essential in the healing process. Just as the proper color in the correct area can promote healing, too much color or colors applied erroneously in the wrong places may facilitate adverse health effects.

Common tools used in Chromotherapy include candles, wands, prisms, colored fabric, gemstones, bath treatments, colored glass or lenses, and colored lights. Therapeutic color can be administered in several ways, but it is often done in combination with aromatherapy and/or hydrotherapy in an attempt to heighten the effects of treatment.

Alternative medicine practitioners who use chromotherapy often relate the seven colors of the color spectrum to specific body areas known as chakras. As with yoga, the chakras are specific spiritual energy centers at different spots on the human body. The therapeutic actions of the colors correspond to the chakra they represent.




Red is the color of life, the glowing sun, and fire. It is believed to increase the pulse, raise blood pressure and increase the rate of breathing. It is also the color of passion and desire. Red would be applied to support circulatory functions and has been used for asthma, anemia, throat/larynx diseases and chronic cough. An excessive amount of red in someone could represent domination, cruelty, anger, and vulgarity.


Orange is a mixture of red and yellow and stands for kind- and warm-heartedness. It symbolizes the rising sun and improves mood and alertness. Chromotherapy using orange has achieved astounding results when treating mental illness, depression, and pessimism. It can be used for anorexia, digestive disorders, loss of appetite, anemia, and arteriosclerosis. An excess of orange could signal fatigue, confusion, and pessimism.


The sun and the horizon are symbolized by yellow, the brightest color used in chromotherapy. Yellow has been used to strengthen the nervous system, treat glandular diseases, hepatitis and lymphatic disorders and assist metabolism. Someone with an excess of yellow may experience malice or lack of concentration.


In the middle of the color, spectrum lies green, a color associated with harmony. Green will not make one quiet, rather provide a neutral, positive calming effect. It is the color of possession and the will to possess but is also considered the color of concentration. Green has been used in the treatment of whooping cough, joint inflammation, bronchial infections, swelling, and detoxification. An excess of green may result in insecurity, jealousy or lethargy. Pink is also associated with the Fourth Chakra, as a secondary color to green.


The color of infinity and peace, blue promotes relaxation and calm. Blue is used to put our bodies and minds in a state of softness, repose, and peace. Blue exhibits tranquilizing qualities often used to relieve headaches and migraines, colds, stress, nervous tension, rheumatism, stomach pains, muscle cramps and liver disorders. Blue is thought to have a positive effect on all kinds of pain. In excess, blue creates doubt, apathy, distrust, and melancholy.


Indigo is a cooling color good for intuition and perception. In chromotherapy, it is used to treat mental problems, and conditions involving the eyes, ears, and nose, as well as in treating addiction. Indigo has a calming, sedative effect. Some practitioners use the color to help control bleeding and abscesses. Violet may also be associated with this chakra, depending on the chromotherapist.


Violet is considered the color of emotions and is used to calm the nervous system, soothe organs and relax muscles. Violet has meditative qualities and is often used to treat conditions of the lymphatic system and spleen, as well as urinary disorders and psychosis. Excessive Violet may result in expressions of domination or fanaticism. White or magenta is sometimes also associated with the Seventh Chakra, depending on the practitioner.

Chromotherapy has been practiced throughout the world for centuries and remains one of the most popular CAM therapies available.