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Dandelion Divination & Tea Leaf Reading Ritual | Full Honey Moon in Sagittarius — Spirit de la Lune

During this Full Moon, our intuition and divination skills will be enhanced. Sagittarius ramps up our curiosity and has us wanting to explore our inner worlds with fiery enthusiasm. Keep an open mind this week and get to know yourself and others better. There is a combination of wanting new adventures and connections, while also coming to know yourself better.

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Lecanomancy ~ Oil Divination

LECANOMANCY, DIVINATION BY MIXING OIL AND WATER IN A BOWL Generally, divination by using a mixture of water and oil inside a vessel. Specifically, the art and practice of divination by interpreting the patterns and ripples left on the surface of a mixture of water and oil inside a basin or bowl. Generally, small precious stones, or other divinatory objects, are dropped in. However, many

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